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Disney Movie Rewards Holiday Calendar Surprise: Five Points

Another day, another five points from Disney. One of these days, I’ll actually do something with my points. Head over to DMR and enter code: FROST You’re five points richer.

Disney Movie Rewards: Free Newsletter Points

Nothing good in the Disney Movie Rewards holiday calendar today, but look in your email for the monthly newsletter, where you’ll find a link to free points at the bottom. I got five.

Disney Movie Rewards: Even More Points

I know that it has been all Disney Movie Rewards all the time recently, but they’re the ones who have been giving up the goods, so they get the free publicity. They’ve launched their bi-weekly quiz, so that’s five points for you. Also, try changing the “99” at the end of the URL to 100 …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Disney Movie Rewards is currently in the process of its Holiday Surprise Spectacular, offering new goodies every day. Today’s prize is five free points, which you can get by clicking on the link above and entering the code: JNGLE. Enjoy!

Disney Movie Rewards: Up To 15 Points (Plus Holiday Spectacular)

disney holiday surprise spectacular

And we’re back! You probably didn’t even notice that we were gone, but we were, having spent a week staring at the inside of a conference room. And we’re not sure why we’re referring to ourselves in the third person. It seems pretentious. Okay, let’s talk about Disney Movie Rewards. You can earn up to …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Keep an eye out for your Cyber-Monday email from Disney Movie Rewards. There’s a small link in it labeled “Here’s A Special Gift For You.” They gave me a special gift of five points. Whoo-hoo!  

Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points From Trivia

Every two weeks, Disney Movie Rewards gives you the opportunity to pick up five points by answering a few trivia questions. Remember, you don’t have to get them right to get the points.

Disney Movie Rewards: Free Points

Check your email for your monthly newsletter from Disney Movie Rewards. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to collect. I got a lousy three points this month.

Disney Movie Rewards (10 Points) And Referrals

Disney Movie Rewards is offering its usual five points for taking a quick quiz. If you want an additional five points, change the “92” at the end of the url to “96” and you’ll have another quiz for a total of ten points. If you’re not a member, DMR just launched a referral program. You …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Mystery Points Newsletter

Disney Movie Rewards just sent out its monthly newsletter for mystery points, so be sure to take a look in your email for it. Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and you’ll see the banner to click.. They are contributing the fine tradition of pushing the mystery points out further and further into …

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