Free Doughnuts And Five Disney Movie Rewards Points

Bet that got your attention. And now, My Coke Rewards and Dunkin’ Donuts can make your dream come true.

My Coke Rewards Caps

my coke rewards

Pretty picture not included. Who cares? You get donuts.

Between now and 12/28, be one of the first hundred thousand people to enter four MCR caps and get $2 to Dunky’s. Okay, now it’s one of the next 76,000 people. $48,000 has been accounted for.

Added bonus: Here’s a cap code from one that has been sitting on my desk. It is only good for the first person who gets it. If you use it, please leave a comment so that others don’t waste their time. Thanks!


Disney Movie Rewards: Five Points

Today’s Holiday Surprise calendar includes another code. Enter code “PEACE” for five free points.

Disney Movie Rewards: Even More Points

I know that it has been all Disney Movie Rewards all the time recently, but they’re the ones who have been giving up the goods, so they get the free publicity.

They’ve launched their bi-weekly quiz, so that’s five points for you. Also, try changing the “99” at the end of the URL to 100 (or 96-98) for a possible hidden quiz.

Likewise, check on the calendar for today’s holiday bonus. Or I can do it for you. Enter code “CHEER” and you’ll get another five points.


Free Food Today! But Don’t Eat It All At Once…

For those of you looking to pick up some free food to celebrate your Wednesday, here are enough options to keep you going all day. Just be sure to consult with your cardiologist…



Members of MyPanera Rewards get a free bagel every day between now and the end of the year. No word on whether it comes with the flavored cream cheese. Or any cream cheese, for that matter.


Okay, this one’s going to cost you a penny, but it comes chock full of creativity. Burger King is willing to give you a Whopper for a penny, but there’s a condition: You must order the Whopper on your app, and you must be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s when you do so.

Yup, in a promotion to relaunch its App, BK has enlisted the Whopper Detour to help. I suppose that there is some satisfaction from getting a Whopper at McDonald’s, but I have no doubt that the endless publicity that they receive, as well as the orders for fries and drinks, will make this a profitable venture for the company. In any case, stand outside McDonald’s and open the app. You’ll unlock the feature. Then, after you place the order, it will direct you to the nearest Burger King. The promo runs through December 12.


Free cheesecake! Okay, you have  to order something, but it’s free cheesecake! From now until December 11, the first 40,000 people who order from The Cheesecake Factory through DoorDash will get free cheesecake! As an added bonus, there’s no delivery fee, although it’s always nice to tip your delivery guy. You won’t need a promo code, so just order as you normally would and you’ll be all set. By the way, have I mentioned free cheesecake! I still need to try the Peppermint Bark…


Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Disney Movie Rewards is currently in the process of its Holiday Surprise Spectacular, offering new goodies every day.

Today’s prize is five free points, which you can get by clicking on the link above and entering the code: JNGLE.


Disney Movie Rewards: Up To 15 Points (Plus Holiday Spectacular)

And we’re back! You probably didn’t even notice that we were gone, but we were, having spent a week staring at the inside of a conference room. And we’re not sure why we’re referring to ourselves in the third person. It seems pretentious. Okay, let’s talk about Disney Movie Rewards.

You can earn up to 15 points by taking the bi-weekly Disney Movie Rewards quiz that shows up every other Monday. Remember, the quiz is short and you don’t have to get any questions right. First, use the link found here. Once you’ve completed that quiz, change the “96” on the end of the URL to a “99” and take the “hidden” quiz. That’s worth another five points.

Disney Holiday Surprise Spectacular

disney holiday surprise spectacular

It’s that time of the year!

And finally, Disney has brought back its Holiday points giveaway. At one time, Disney Movie Rewards used to give out bonus points every day between December 1 and December 25. That tradition died off for a while, but it seems to have returned. Be sure to check out the calendar daily to see what bonuses are in order. Today, there’s a link to pick up five points by doing a “Ralph Breaks The Internet” quiz.


Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Keep an eye out for your Cyber-Monday email from Disney Movie Rewards. There’s a small link in it labeled “Here’s A Special Gift For You.” They gave me a special gift of five points. Whoo-hoo!


Global Test Market Surveys: Changes Are Coming

Every once in a while, I write about survey sites, which are just what they sound like: Do a quick online survey and they’ll give you some sort of compensation, usually in the range of $.50-3.00. You will not get rich off of them, but it gives you something mindless to do while you watch reruns of “The West Wing.” It’s free money.

One of my favorites has traditionally been Global Test Market, which has traditionally paid well, particularly for shorter surveys. A few weeks ago, though, I got the following email from them:


Hi Michael,

At GlobalTestMarket we’re going on a journey very soon and we want you to be the first to know. Something big is going to happen, and we want you to be part of it.

First of all, let us tell you how this will affect you.

As a valued member of GlobalTestMarket you’re going to see exciting things that will allow you to connect with a global community, contribute to it with your own opinion, and get the chance to collect more rewards than ever.

When will this happen? (We hear you ask impatiently).

Well, we’re not quite ready to reveal all details just yet. They say that good things come to those who wait, but you’ll love to know that these changes come with an enhanced experience that will put you in the driving seat.

Important information will be announced in the coming weeks. While we all wait for the journey to reach our new home, please stay tuned and don’t miss out any of our updates.

The GlobalTestMarket Team


That’s not a good email to get. Anytime I get one of these “enhancement” emails, telling me that rewards will be getting better and things will be exciting, the site inevitably becomes less exciting with worse rewards.

I’m a current member and won’t change that situation (It’s free, after all.), but until I know exactly what those changes are, I’m putting their surveys at the bottom of my list. Sorry Global Test Market, I’m not going to be recommending the site to new users until we find out what the deal is.



CVS Black Friday: $17.29 In Goods For $.23

My favorite Thanksgiving Black Friday tradition has returned!

CVS offers a loyalty program awards called “ExtraBucks (EB).” If you make purchases of certain products, they will give you a rebate in the form of a coupon.

Every year, CVS runs a Black Friday promotion in which it offers a certain number of products for free*. Buy the product and they will give you back EB equaling exactly what you spent for the item, i.e., if you buy the promoted item for $1, they’ll give you a dollar back in CVS currency. Then, you use that coupon to buy another “free” product for $1, etc. So part of my holiday “fun” is to see how many items you can get for as little money out of pocket (OOP) as possible. Sure, there are a number of items that are “almost free,” but what’s the challenge in that?

This year’s special is the worst that I have ever seen, but it still has some useful items that you can get for free. Remember, if you don’t want it, you probably have a friend or charity that does.

2018 Freebies (ExtraBucks)

cvs, black friday

Check your CVS circular for a page that looks like this.

I’ve seen better. Haven’t seen much worse. The trick to getting as much loot as possible for as little money is possible is to have a total value of goods that is an easily divisible number. This year’s total is $13.79, which means that there is going to be some dead money somewhere.* Fear not, you’re still getting a good deal.

There are a number of ways to break down the deals, but I’m going to use a target price of $4.08, which means that I want to look for deals that are as close in price to that number without going over. I do it based on whatever the first combination is. Here’s how to order your purchases:

  1. Buy the Ibuprofen ($3.19) and Just The Basics Bathroom Tissue ($.89). Total=4.08
  2. Buy the pantiliners ($.99), baby wipes ($.99) and razors (1.99). Total=$3.96. The dead money is $.12 ($4.08-3.96).
  3. Buy the Orbit/Wrigley’s gum ($.99), Green Giant ($1.89) and Just The Basics paper towels ($.99). Total=$3.87. The dead money is $.09 ($3.96-$3.87).
  4. Use the $1.89 EB coupon from the Green Giant to buy the Charcoal facial masks. Total=$1.87. The dead money is $.02 ($1.89-$1.87).

You should now have three EB coupons left. Two are for $.99 each (the gum and the paper towels) and one for $1.87 (the facial masks), meaning that you have $3.85 to use in the future at CVS. Your total out of pocket expense (the dead money) is $.23.

There’s Still One Left!

Now, go back to the cover page. If your circular is similar to mine, there is an offer for Colgate toothpaste in the top left hand corner. It normally costs $3.50 but, if you scan your CVS card, they’ll give you a $3.00 instant coupon to combine with a $.50 manufacturer’s coupon in the app. That’s another $3.50 for free, giving you a grand total of $17.29.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


*”Dead Money” is the amount you lose when the product you are buying is less than the coupon value. For example, if you have a $1 coupon and use it to buy an item for $.99, the EB  rebate will be a coupon for only $.99. Your dead money is $.01.

Happy Thanksgiving! Out Of Office For A Few Days

Happy Thanksgiving! As you all know, I have a lot of fun writing this blog and collecting freebies, and I truly appreciate the fact that you take a moment out of your day to read what I have to say, particularly given how much of it is just nonsense.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday and, for those of you who don’t celebrate it, take a day to relax. You can tell your bosses that a guy on the internet gave you permission to do so.

In the spirit of freebies, remember the following:

  • For the points junkies in the room, take some time this weekend to make sure that you don’t have any expiring points in the next few months. If you do, check the issuer’s website to see what you need to do to extend the expiration. Usually, it’s as simple as taking any activity on the account, such as donating points to charity, making a purchase through the company’s affiliate mall, etc.
  • When you do your shopping this weekend, remember to use a shopping rebate portal. No reason not to get a few percent back.
  • Don’t discuss politics at the dinner table. That has nothing to do with points. It’s just a good idea.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Free 50 Points Code

Well, this is kind of nice. Kellogg’s Family Rewards sent out a 50-point code, which is something that I haven’t seen for a while. I wonder if I enter it will they stop sending me inactivity codes?