Top Cash Back, Coke Offers

Here are Wednesday’s updates…

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

Today’s clue was an easy one and will take you to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Click on merchant’s page and then the little birdie for your Top Cash Back prize. I got another sweepstakes entry.

Coke Offers

The old My Coke Rewards program seems to have gotten a little of its swagger back. The most recent offer that I got was two AMC movie tickets for ten product codes, which is pretty darn good. As of this morning, they have 1% of their stock left. They also have $5 gift cards for Walmart and Amazon, which you can earn by entering ten caps.


Top Cash Back, Recyclebank

Here are the morning’s goodies. Maybe there will be more later. Only the shadow knows. Or the internet people.

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

top cash back

I think today’s clue is a repeat. For those of you who like to guess, I’ve listed the answer below.*

First item up is the daily Christmas Treat from Top Cash Back. Today, I got a snowman. Four of those and I’ll end up with $25. Of course, it’s TCB, so I may never actually see the money.


Like to live green, or just get free stuff from a site that talks about living green? Fear not, I have an option for you. Each month, Recyclebank puts up a bunch of tips, and you can earn points just by viewing them. The rewards aren’t nearly as good as they once were, consisting mostly of coupons or gift cards at One Twine, but you can rack up the points pretty quickly. I counted almost 300 points available just on the earning home page.


*The answer is “Kohl’s.” That doesn’t look like coal, but I’ll take freebies where I can get them.


Disney Movie Rewards: Five Points

It’s every other Monday, and you know what that means: Pick up five points at Disney Movie Rewards trivia by answering a few questions. You’ll get the points no matter how many you get right.

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats Game

First, thanks for bearing with me during the transition to a new site. I’m trying to get some sort of subscription service going on a permanent basis, and I’m having trouble with my double opt-in system. You can definitely sign up now using the box to the left, and I’ll carry you over when I get something going full time. Until it’s ready, your best bet is to check here every 20 minutes in case I say something interesting. Okay, maybe every 30 minutes.

And now, on to the hits…

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

top cash back

This is today’s clue for the bonus merchant: Key + Eel equals “Kiehl’s”

Win huge big some sort of prize at Topcashback, a cash back shopping site. Access virtually any merchant through that site and the store will give TCB a percentage back, which they’ll generously share with you.*

From now until Christmas, they are running their “Christmas Treats” promotion. Once you have signed up, simply access Top Cash Back and find the mystery merchant (Use the clues that they give you. I’ll try to remember to post them.). Click on the merchant and then on the little bird carrying a present. You’ll win anything from cash to an entry into a drawing for $1,000. I haven’t won anything good, but it’s still early and it costs nothing to play.

BTW, a big thank-you to my new favorite nurse, LisaRN97 at Flyertalk for providing today’s mystery merchant. Lisa, if you’re the one who draws blood from me at my next doctor’s appointment, please be gentle. I’m a wimp.


*That is a referral link and I may get something if you sign up through me. I really appreciate it. Having said that, I’ve had a lot of problems getting my purchases through TCB to credit, not to mention customer service requests that go unanswered. I would sign up for it for the free stuff but would definitely not make it my primary cash back shopping site. My current favorites are Mr. Rebates and Be Frugal. You may also get a sign-up bonus.


1,000 Free Marriott Rewards Points!

An easy 1,000 points from Marriott. Head to this Twitter post today and answer the trivia question asking how wide a football field is (It’s 160 feet.).

And We’re Back!

I’ve transferred this site over to WordPress, which is that much easier for me to handle. I’ll be adding categories back over the next few days. Eventually, I’ll have the ability to search, subscribe and do all kinds of other cool stuff.

Sadly, I was unable to carry over the old posts from the previous iteration, so we’re starting from scratch.