Kellogg’s Family Rewards, Top Cash Back

I have no free points to add, but a reminder about the following contests, which cost nothing to enter:

Kellogg’s Family Rewards is offering a Spin to Win game. Just log in and spin the wheel. I continue to hit the minimum, which is 50 points.

Top Cash Back is still offering Christmas Treats for clicking on the right merchant of the day. Today’s merchant is Dell, and I got my second Gingerbread Man. One more and I’m $10 richer!


Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Spin The Wheel Is Here

For the next 10 days, you can get free points from KFR just by showing up. Click on the wheel on the home page and they will award you anywhere from 50-100,000 points.

kellogg's family rewards

The wheel of points

Naturally, I picked up a cool 50 points. Maybe tomorrow.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points, Top Cash Back

Here’s the first of what will likely be multiple posts today:

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

kellogg's family rewards

Sometime today…

Kellogg’s Family Rewards is offering 100 points for entering code: JOYFULPOINTS4YOU.

They’re also launching a “spin to win” promo, which is supposed to start sometime today. I’m keeping an eye out for it.

Top Cash Back: Christmas Treats

top cash back

Hooray, no entries today!

Today’s lucky Christmas treat can be found on TCB at eBags. I’ve never actually bought anything there, since I have more bags than I know what to do with, but they’re offering 18% off today.


Top Cash Back (including a flash sale), Kellogg’s Family Rewards

On to Monday…

Top Cash Back

top cash back

Some of the double cash back offers

Today’s clue for the Christmas Treats game at Top Cash Back is Macy’s. As usual, I got another entry into the sweepstakes.  The site is also running a pretty good double cash back promo for 24 hours, which can be accessed off the home page.

I’m annoyed that it’s taking as long as it is for them to investigate missing cash for me, but I love the British-ness of the site. They told me that they are researching my “query.” You’ve gotta love a site that uses the word query. Oh, TCB, I could never stay mad at you…

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Can’t believe I just discovered this one again today, but you can get 100 points for linking your KFR account to social media. That’s why it’s important to have a social media account that you use specifically for these types of resources.


1,000 Free Marriott Points, Top Cash Back

Marriott Rewards

marriott rewards

Want 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points? All it takes is a Twitter account. Head over to the Marriott Rewards tweet and they’ll give you the bonus if you can tell them what yard line the extra point ball is snapped from in football. (Hint: It’s the 15.). Be sure to tag it #RewardsPoints and link your Marriott Rewards account to Twitter.

Top Cash Back

It sounds like the answer to a bad knock-knock joke, but you can find today’s Top Cash Back Christmas Treat at Boo Hoo. Enjoy your free sweepstakes entry, which is all that they seem to be giving out these days.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Redemptions

I’ve gotten really good at entering codes at KFR. What I’m not so good at is cashing out. They never seem to have anything worth it.

One thing they’ve gotten better about, though, is offering gift certificates. 7,500-8,000 points will get you a $5 gift card, and they have several popular merchants available, including Starbucks and Amazon. So it turns out that these points do have some value. As Tony the Tiger would say, they’re great!

e-Rewards, Top Cash Back

Yesterday, I came home to view our weekly shopping circulars. My local supermarket had a banner wishing everyone a Happy Chanukah, which I thought was nice. Right below the banner was a promotion for ham. Gave me a big smile for the day.



Do surveys for a chance at extra Christmas presents

Some people love e-Rewards, some don’t. I happen to really like them, although it does get frustrating to spend 10 minutes on a survey and then get dinged.

They’re running a holiday contest for $100 in e-Rewards currency, which is not as good as real currency, but still gets me 2,000 TrueBlue points.  Between now and December 19, participating in surveys get you entries into the drawing. You’ll get one entry for the first two surveys, followed by another entry for each one, up to 10 total. I’m not sure whether participation means just starting it or actually completing it, but the T&C seem to indicate the former.

Top Cash Back

top cash back

I guess that’s Target…

Today’s clue didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it looked enough like Target for me to figure it out. I got a lousy prize entry.

On the plus side, Top Cash Back did respond to my Black Friday trouble ticket (Finally!) and are investigating, so that’s a start.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points, Top Cash Back, New Pages

Welcome to Thursday! Thank you to those who have moved over to the new and soon-to-be improved blog.

As of now, please don’t use the subscription option to the right, since I don’t have it working quite right yet. I hope to have it fixed by Monday. Please do email me at and I’ll add you manually. Also, please tell 100 of your closest friends to do the same. Okay, 50 is enough.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

kellogg's family rewards

It even comes with a handy “Remind Me” button

Many things to see and do.

  • Enter code KFRHAPPYHOLIDAYS at KFR for 25 points.
  • Keep an eye on the KFR site. From 12/12-12/21, they are running a contest that gives you free points every day just for spinning the wheel.
  • Free Movie Money/Eggo arbitrage. Buy three or more packs of Eggo waffles and get $6 in Movie Cash. There are plenty of options for Eggo products under $2 each, so you’re getting something for free. Ibotta is also offering a $.50 rebate.

Speaking of Ibotta…

One of the reasons that I switched from a free site to WordPress is that it gives me more options to play with. One of the things that I’m doing is adding pages for each category, whether it’s “pay to click,” “surveys” or others.

The first page that I added in the menu bar above was “Submitting Receipts.” There are several apps that will pay you either to get a peek at what you are buying (Receipt Hog) or give you a rebate if you buy certain products (Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch).  You won’t make a ton of money, but the quarters and dollars do add up over time. My personal favorite is Ibotta, but I use all four. I humbly ask you to take a look at the page and to sign up for one or more. Yes, I do get a referral bonus for two of them and it will help to offset some of the hosting costs on the new site. I thank you.

Top Cash Back

top cash back

You’re missing the word “Toys”

Today’s clue for the Top Cash Back Christmas Treats includes the above, which we can see are boxes for “R” and “Us.” I got a sweepstakes entry.

I still haven’t heard from them regarding my request from a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, I sent My Points a request for credit on an item and it was fixed a day later. Guess who’s getting my business next time?

Top Cash Back, Coke Offers

Here are Wednesday’s updates…

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

Today’s clue was an easy one and will take you to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Click on merchant’s page and then the little birdie for your Top Cash Back prize. I got another sweepstakes entry.

Coke Offers

The old My Coke Rewards program seems to have gotten a little of its swagger back. The most recent offer that I got was two AMC movie tickets for ten product codes, which is pretty darn good. As of this morning, they have 1% of their stock left. They also have $5 gift cards for Walmart and Amazon, which you can earn by entering ten caps.


Top Cash Back, Recyclebank

Here are the morning’s goodies. Maybe there will be more later. Only the shadow knows. Or the internet people.

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

top cash back

I think today’s clue is a repeat. For those of you who like to guess, I’ve listed the answer below.*

First item up is the daily Christmas Treat from Top Cash Back. Today, I got a snowman. Four of those and I’ll end up with $25. Of course, it’s TCB, so I may never actually see the money.


Like to live green, or just get free stuff from a site that talks about living green? Fear not, I have an option for you. Each month, Recyclebank puts up a bunch of tips, and you can earn points just by viewing them. The rewards aren’t nearly as good as they once were, consisting mostly of coupons or gift cards at One Twine, but you can rack up the points pretty quickly. I counted almost 300 points available just on the earning home page.


*The answer is “Kohl’s.” That doesn’t look like coal, but I’ll take freebies where I can get them.