New Or Higher Signup Bonuses

I got a new iPhone over the weekend. My old one was on its last legs and had done an admirable job holding up under stressful circumstances. I felt a little sad when I completely erased it.

Sign Up Bonuses

I got emails with a couple of interesting signup bonuses for online sites this weekend. Among them:

Fetch: Scan a receipt with your phone and the site will automatically determine if you bought a product that offers points. It’s a great site for those of you who buy a lot of branded stuff. If you don’t have anything, they’ll still give you points for trying.

They’ve increased the sign-up bonus to 2,000 points. Sign up through this link and use code R9ECT, we’ll each earn 2,000 points, equivalent to a whopping $2. But hey, it’s for doing nothing.

Dosh: I call Dosh “cash back for lazy people.” Simply sign up, link a credit card and that’s it. Every time you use a participating merchant, they’ll give you cash back.

Sign-up bonus is $5 for you and $10 for me. I know, that seems unfair to me, too. So if you do sign up, feel free to add your link to the comments and get a referral there.


Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Points

Check your email for the monthly free points from Disney Movie Rewards. Each month, usually in the first week of the month, DMR sends out a newsletter that will give you a few free points. This month, I got five. Good luck!

Treasure Trooper: The Most Diverse Free “Get-Paid-To” Site

I write a lot about sites where you can earn easy, if not always copious, cash by taking surveys, clicking links, watching videos, etc. I will only use sites that are free and allow me to do interact with them while I’m doing something else. I’ve found Treasure Trooper to be one of the most comprehensive Get-Paid-To (GPT) site of all the ones I use. I’ve used it for several years and earned over $2,700 with it:

treasure trooper

My lifetime earnings

Treasure Trooper

treasure trooper

The Treasure Trooper home screen

GPT sites are simple enough to use. Companies will pay you a small amount of money to take a survey, sign up for their emails,* etc. You’ll never have to pay for anything and, over time, small amounts of money can add up to large(r) amounts of money. And this site comes with a game aspect, as well. Get ready for your dragon!

Note: Treasure Trooper is a referral site. You certainly don’t need to be referred, but I may get something if you use my link. I appreciate it, thanks!

Earning The Cash

What I like most about this site is all the different ways that there are to earn. The best areas of Treasure Trooper include:

  • Cash Offers that pay you cash to take a survey, fill out a marketing form, sign up for a newsletter or promotion, etc. They’re generally quick and easy.
  • Other Surveys including a special cash surveys section as well as surveys identified as Study Storms and Survey Seekers.
  • Cash Search and Cash Videos pay you for searching through their link or watching a certain number of short videos. They’re the smallest rewards but also the easiest.
  • Arrowhead Dig Sites that have a whole range of different offers. Some of them pay several dollars.
  • Other Goodies: There are several other ways to earn, but the ones above are my favorite.

The Currency

Most of the offers pay in cash. Simple enough. Several, however, pay in “alternative currency,” such as arrowheads or platinum coins. Don’t worry, they’re as good as cash. Some merchants won’t allow GPT sites to give you cash outright, so the sites offer proprietary currency that can be converted into a cash-equivalent, such as a gift card.

The Dragons

treasure trooper

You can breed your own dragons in the dragon lair

The biggest “hook” with the site may be the dragon game that you can play. If you don’t want to convert your alternative currencies to cash immediately, you can also use it to breed virtual dragons. There are several basic dragons that are worth $5 each and, as you breed them and get increasingly rare ones, the dollar values go up. The rarest is worth $100 (Note that you can only sell one of each kind of dragon for more than $5. Subsequent rare dragon sales are for $5 each.). You can sell one dragon every 30 days.

You can also use your dragons to fight others, explore different parts of the site or just do whatever dragons do. It’s a game, it’s fun and it can earn you a few bucks.

The Contests

You can make some decent money on the site just from bonuses. Every month, there is a different contest or competition, which gives you a bonus based on your activity. There’s also a $100 treasure hunt that gives you $100 when you complete a certain number and type of offers, as well as a virtual slot machine where you can win cash, virtual currency or an undisclosed grand prize for winning certain items.

Finally, once you earn $500, you’ll receive “VIP” status, with added bonuses, extra contests and easy cashout procedures.

What Are The Negatives?

It’s a pretty easy site, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to clear cookies/cache between offers. That will help your approval rate. There still may be times when you complete an offer correctly and it doesn’t credit. I don’t know why, it just happens occasionally.
  •  While the survey payouts are pretty good, the cash back shopping payouts aren’t. Treasure Trooper tends to be at the low end of the payout scale in the cash back shopping section.
  • It can take a while to learn your way around, particularly with the dragons. Most others on the site are pretty friendly, though, and there are some good user manuals in the forum.

And that’s it. You certainly won’t get rich through the site, but you’ll be able to pick up a few bucks here and there. It costs nothing to sign up and they’ll give you a whopping one dollar to do so, so you have nothing to lose.





*You’re best off using a secondary email so that you don’t tie up your primary email with a lot of spam.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

Get a snowball of points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards when you enter the code SNOW-BALL-OFPO-INTS. Head over to KFR’s site and you’ll pick up 100 points for entering the bonus code.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Disney Movie Rewards: Five Points

Disney Movie Rewards makes it as easy as it comes with free points, offering five points for playing a quick game of Disney trivia, regardless of how many points you score. Enjoy!

Swagbucks: $10 Free (And Software)

Good morning! While I know that most of you  some of you   a few of you none of you are disappointed in the result of last night’s Super Bowl, maybe $10 from Swagbucks will help cheer you up.*

Free Money (And Software) from Swagbucks


I know nothing about this product, other than that it gives me money.

Do you like money? Do you like software? Well, if you do, you’re in luck. Head over to Swagbucks and pick up 3,500 points, worth $35, for spending a total of $24.99, earning you ten bucks. Well, $10.01 to be exact.

One note: It’s a subscription, so write yourself a note to cancel a few months from now. Otherwise, you’ll get an unhappy surprise in about twelve months.


*This offer was first seen at Doctor of Credit. Hat tip for the good detective work.


Ibotta Reinstates Free Money; Other Sites

Two days until the Super Bowl, six until the NBA trade deadline and ten until the four sweetest words in the English language, “Pitchers and catchers reported…” And to top it all off, Ibotta has reinstated free money. What else can we ask for?

Ibotta And The Case Of The Missing Quarter


A few days ago, I wrote about how my favorite shopping site, Ibotta, had taken away one of its best offers, which gave you a whopping $.25 just for uploading a receipt.

Well, good news. The $.25 “any offer” has returned! Just upload a receipt and they’ll give you your quarter. It resets about once per week, but can generally be used at multiple stores. I like to think that they were intimidated by my scorching post, but I’m guessing it’s just coincidence. Or maybe not.

One Other Tidbit…

Check out “Fetch” and “Receipt Hog” on this page, both of which will also give you something for uploading a receipt, regardless of what you bought. You don’t earn a quarter for each one, but they don’t limit you to one per week, either.


Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

Happy hump day! How about 100 points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards?

Kellogg’s Family Rewards


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Simply enter code WINT-ERTI-MEKF-RPTS at the site above and you’ll pick up your stash.

A little hint: One of the prizes that you can get is a $1 off coupon for a box of cereal, which costs 850 points. Given how frequently supermarkets have sales, it may be worth combining with a store coupon and or promotion to get some really cheap cereal. Wait for the big sale and hit when the time is right.


$10 Free From Ritual Restaurant Ordering App

There seems to be a new restaurant ordering app popping up every day. Nothing wrong with signing up for a new one if they are giving you free money, and Ritual actual has something unique about it.

Ritual: One-Stop Shopping


Yummy. And potentially free.

I use Ritual pretty frequently because of their one-click system. I’m boring and get the same thing from the local Thai place every time, but they make it easy for me. Whenever you use them, they give you the option to save your order so that you can get the same thing again in the future with a single click. See? It becomes your “ritual.”

They also have a rewards program. You get points based on what you order, how frequently you order and where you order from. They’re pretty generous with the bonuses, too.

If you sign up, I’d appreciate it if you use my link, as we will both get $10 credit. Can’t beat that!


Ibotta “Enhances” Its Site

In the points business, the word “enhance” is a dirty one. It usually means, “We’re going to take away a benefit and try to convince you that it was a good thing.” Well, Ibotta has joined the enhancing party.

Ibotta Pulls $.25 “Any Offer”

shopping cart

Ibotta is a receipt-scanning site that rewards you for purchases, generally at supermarkets or drugstores. Simply compare your receipt to what they have on their weekly specials. If any of them match up, you’ll get money back. For example, Kellogg’s might partner with Ibotta to offer $1.00 back if you buy one of their cereals. So you buy some corn flakes and scan your receipt. Boom, you’re $1 richer.

Note that you can still use store and third-party (newspaper, internet, etc.) coupons in addition to Ibotta, offering you a chance to triple-dip.

One of the things that I liked most about the site was its “any offer.” Every several days, they’d give you $.25 just for scanning a receipt, regardless of what you had bought. No, it’s not much, but free money is free money. Recently, though, they changed that reward from a quarter to a sweepstakes entry. No idea how many people are entered or what you win, but it’s not as good as free money.

Ibotta remains my favorite of the shopping apps, but I’m disappointed that they took away what had been a good bonus.