Bruegger’s: Three Free Bagels

We bought our kids an Xbox for their birthday, and I’m pretty sure it’s the worst decision that I’ve ever made. Has anyone ever tried to use this thing? When I was a kid, I had an Atari. You stick a cartridge in the slot, pick up the joystick and you’re done. Now, these newfangled things require a Masters Degree. I looked up how to download Minecraft to the machine. There are 11 steps. 11? Seriously? Why isn’t it just, “Turn on machine, press here, play?”

Three Free Bagels from Bruegger’s


Birthday bagels! Now there’s an idea…

Bagels. I’m here to talk about bagels. Show up at a Bruegger’s store on February 1 between opening and 11 am and they’ll give you three free bagels. Think of the hero you’ll be in the office when you bring them these unhealthy treats! Registration is required, and I don’t think that candles are included.

First seen at Hey It’s Free.


Get Points Just For Showing Up

While I admit to starting today in a worse mood, it improved as the day went on, culminating in lunch after my favorite food stand guy returned. It’s nice when people show up. And it’s nice to get points just for showing up.


One of my favorite apps, particularly at the supermarket, since there is nothing to buy to earn points. Rather, in addition to getting points for surveys, watching videos, etc., you can clean up simply by scanning bar codes. You simply pull up the app and click on the closest store (possibly the one you’re standing in). It will give you a few products and you’ll get points (usually 25) just for scanning the bar code at the product. I assume that they’re checking on inventory or advertising something, but I really don’t care. The easiest thing to cash out for is an Amazon gift card and the points can accumulate quickly.

Simply download the CheckPoints App and you’ll get 70 points. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can use my referral code “friedmanm”. I thank you in advance!


Even easier is the app Shopkick. True, you can get points for buying something or scanning products, like with CheckPoints, but you don’t even have to do that. At many stores, you get points just by showing up. Open the app and it will direct you to the closest participating store. Stand in the entrance and Shopkick will register your location and give you your points. Yup, points for just showing up at a location. I do a bunch of them on my way to work, since I walk by participating stores. Actually buy something? That’s for amateurs.

If you download the app and enter the code “JOY126227”, and we’ll each get 250 points (which they call “kicks.”). Redeem and enjoy!


Kellogg’s Family Rewards (100 Points Plus Stuff), Swagbucks

I’ve always found Tuesday to be a somewhat depressing day. I’ve already suffered through Monday, so the weekend rest has worn off, but Friday is still far away.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Maybe I can cheer myself up with a whopping 100 points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards.  Enter code SNOWMANYPOINTS4U at the site and you’ll be a century richer.

And if that doesn’t cheer you up, you up, how about a free water bottle? That’s right, just enter codes form three participating products and that shiny new container is all yours.

Swagbucks Bonus Points

My favorite paid-to-search site, Swagbucks, also has paid to click/paid to take action opportunities, and today, Revenue Universe, one of its partners, is offering bonus points. If you haven’t yet signed up for Swagbucks, I’d really appreciate it if you use my link. You’ll earn 300 SB, worth $3, and be on your way to earning more.


Recyclebank: Earn Countless Points

One of the sites that I always forget to mention is Recyclebank, whose “hook” is that they teach you about recycling. They pay for rewards by partnering with major brands, but that’s okay, we don’t judge.

One of the nice things that they have done is move all of the “earn” opportunities onto one page, meaning that you don’t have to hunt all over the site to find them. There are well over 1,000 points available, so I gave up counting. Most of the time, you earn points simply by clicking on the page or, at worst, clicking through a few pages. The prizes aren’t terribly exciting, but decent stuff pops up on occasion.


Up To 600 United Miles: Opinion Miles Club

Surveys are a good way to earn some extra points, miles or dollars. Most airlines offer them and they’re easy enough partners to use.

Opinion Miles Club

united, opinion miles

At United, you can earn up to 600 miles by joining their survey partner and completing your first survey. Most of them range from 5-15 minutes long, and it’s easy enough to complete them while doing, well, anything else. Premier (elite) members and United credit card holders get the 600 miles bonus, while all other frequent flyers get 300.

Is 600 (or 300) miles worth much? Not really, if the miles are worth 1-2 cents each. But there’s another factor in play here: mileage expiration. If you’re like me, and fly some airlines infrequently, you run into the risk of seeing your account deactivated (United will do so after 18 months of inactivity.). That fact, in and of itself, makes it worthwhile to join and do a survey, even if you never do one again.


Disney Movie Rewards: 20+ Points

Happy Friday all! Hope that you have a great weekend.

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards

Minnie only rocked me with three points

Disney has thrown a bit of a curve ball at us this week, but in a good way. In addition to sending out the monthly email with free points in it, it also included a couple of surveys for ten points each. The surveys only took me a minute and are pretty self-explanatory. They’re a great way to pick up 20 points.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you’ll subscribe in the box in the upper right. No more than one email per day (and only on days that I write), I promise!


3,500 Swagbucks from Dollar Shave Club (+/- $20 Profit)

I started subscribing to Dollar Shave Club through Swagbucks a few months ago. I have really grown to like the razors, and the price can’t be beat. I spend a quarter of what I used to on blades and the quality is good.

swagbucks, dollar shave club

Earn +/- $20 and get a bunch of razors.

And now, they’re offering 3,500 SB, worth $35, to sign up and stay a subscriber for a few months. You’ll get 2,000 points when you sign up, and another 1,500 when you have remained a client for two months. Note that they send you an email before each shipment, giving you the option to cancel whenever you want. I wasn’t sure if I would stay with it, but it’s definitely worth it.


Swagbucks allows you to earn points for searching, participating in offers, buying stuff, etc. Often, like with this deal, the rewards you earn are actually worth more than you spent on the items! If you have not signed up, I would definitely recommend doing so and would appreciate it if you use my link. Thanks!


Why e-Rewards Is Worth Your Time

e-Rewards is one of the better survey sites out there for a number of reasons: The surveys are relatively easy to complete, they take the amount of time they say and the rewards are decent. You can earn anything from a gift certificate to miles.

The Not-So-Hidden Benefit


When it pays to fail

But one of the best benefits of e-Rewards is one that doesn’t get a lot of press. When you fail, you win. The site gives you a token amount for just trying a survey, even if you get disqualified, usually $.25-$.50 in e-Rewards currency (which is different from real currency). Best of all, if you don’t qualify for a survey, they knock you out pretty quickly, usually under a minute (Yes, they also have their share of surveys that have you hooked for 5-10 minutes before you get knocked out, but those are fewer in number.). In the survey above, you get $4.50 for a 20-minute survey, or $.25 to get disqualified. At that rate, you can earn a decent prize without ever taking a survey!


Starbucks is just one of many gift cards you can redeem for

It can also take longer that way, of course, but e-Rewards is at least good enough to give you something meaningful when you put in the effort.

Sadly, you need to be invited to join e-Rewards. There’s no way to join on your own. But when you get the invite, it’s worth taking advantage of.


Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

Cool! 100 points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards. Just enter code JANUARYPOINTS.



Disney Movie Rewards: Five Points

Happy Monday!

Don’t forget to do the bi-weekly Disney Trivia for five points. You don’t actually need to get the questions right, which is a good thing, because I usually don’t.

Sign into your account and click on “Earn Points.”