Disney Movie Rewards: 5 Free Points

It’s that time again, when Disney Movie Rewards asks you to spend less than a minute on trivia and rewards you with five free points. That’s all. Just play the trivia and click whatever answers you like; your final score doesn’t matter. Then, collect your five points.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 50 Points

I just finished reading “The Magicians” series by Lev Grossman for at least the third time. I always finish the series with that mixed joy that comes from having a really good book, but knowing that every page you turn brings you closer to the end. Just thought I’d share.

Kellogg’s is offering 50 free points at Kellogg’s Family Rewards. Just enter code LUCK-YKFR-BONU-SPTS and the points will be yours!

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Free Movie Tickets To Isle Of Dogs

Got a little one in the family? Then you might want to take advantage of free movie tickets to Isle of Dogs, a new Wes Anderson movie. Kellogg’s Family Rewards is inviting you to a special advance screening, but tickets are limited. Visit the site here and they’ll give you up to two free tickets.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

Nothing like free points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards to make up for the fact that you lost an hour of sleep this weekend. Pick up 100 for entering code SPRINGFORWARDPTS.



Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Two days in a row of Disney Movie Rewards this week, as DMR is offering new trivia questions. It’s a one-minute quiz and you’ll get five free points, no matter how well you do.

Just know your princes and princesses.

Disney Movie Rewards: Monthly Points

If you are a member of Disney Movie Rewards, be sure to check your email, since they just sent out their monthly newsletter with free points at the bottom. Simply click on the link at the end of the newsletter and points will be yours. I got a whopping four points.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Possible 200 Points

I got a link in my email from Kellogg’s Family Rewards offering me 200 points the next time that I logged in. It only came to one of the two accounts that I monitor, so it may be targeted, but I guess it can’t hurt to try.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 200 Points?

kellogg's family rewards

Possible 200 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points

What’s odd is that the link indicates that I’m getting this because of inactivity. I don’t buy Kellogg’s products too often, so they clearly have “activity” separated into two different buckets: activity earned through purchases and freebies. So they’re giving me more freebies because I only earn free points? Cool.


Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

Please excuse my tardiness, but I’m in out of office mode for a few more days. Until then, here are 100 free points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards for entering code: EARLYSPRINGBONUS

Coca-Cola Offers: Bracket Refresh 2018

My Coke Rewards, or whatever the program is called now, isn’t what it once was, but they do have interesting gigs every now and then. Enter Bracket Refresh 2018.

Bracket Refresh 2018

Games based on the NCAA tournament are always fun, and Coke is offering up prizes that don’t even require you to fill out brackets. Rather, enter the game by scanning a code from a participating product and, depending on how many games your chosen team wins in the Sweet 16 or later, you’ll get a prize, ranging from a free soda to a Visa Gift Card. You’ll also be entered into a drawing for $20,000. Pretty cool. If you’re still a soda drinker, this promotion offers a little something extra.


Coca-Cola Code

Don’t know if anyone still collects these, but just in case, here’s a freebie.

If you use it, PLEASE leave a note in the comments so others don’t waste their time. Thanks!