Potential Money Makers From MyPoints

MyPoints is a paid-to-do-whatever site. There are ways to earn points by clicking, shopping or doing any one of a number of things. And every once in a while, they give you so many points for an offer that you can come out ahead.

MyPoints Money Makers


Good for 3,500 points

We’ll start with Dollar Shave Club.* They send me nice razors every month and charge me a whopping $9. The sign-up gets you 2,000 points, worth $12.50, and costs you $5. So you get an order of razors and come out ahead by $7.50. If you choose to continue, you’ll get another 1,500 points, which are worth just over $9. To get the continuation points, you need to stay enrolled for two months.

You can also get points for purchasing Pledge, but you need to do it at Walmart.


Points for keeping clean

The Pledge in question runs as low as about $4 per can, and you need to buy two of them to pick up 1,400 points. Since 1,400 points are worth just over $8, you’re getting two cans of Pledge for free. Hey, just in case you want clean surfaces.

If you’re not signed up for MyPoints, I’d love it if you did so through my link. We each get something.


*When I signed up for DSC through MyPoints, it didn’t credit with the times noted in the T&C. I emailed them and they got right back to me, crediting the points (twice, actually).


Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Points

Hey, today’s the day. Check your email for one from Disney Movie Rewards and scroll to the bottom of it. You’ll get a link for free mystery points. I got five free points.

Coke Rewards

Anyone want a cap?


If you use the code, please note it in the comments so no one else tries to.

Recyclebank: Earn Points For Clicks

Wow, earning points and saving the environment? Can it really be true? Yes, it is! Sort of. Kind of. Here’s Recyclebank.



Okay, don’t get too excited. Recyclebank (RB) is a site that is dedicated to  helping people learn to live green. Although it has public companies as investors, it is a private entity based on a business model that would pay people to recycle.

The range of prizes isn’t great, but they’re easy to earn. Simply click on the links on their earning page and you’ll accumulate points, which can be traded in for magazines, coupons or gift certificates to the company’s proprietary store.

I usually check about once per month for new links, so this is as good a time as any.


Ritual: Yummy Food (And Points)

There has been a proliferation of websites and apps that make it easier, cheaper or more rewarding to get food. Many of them center on delivery, while others focus on rewards. Ritual is one of my new favorites, focusing on convenience and rewards.



Yum, get points and food

Ritual is all about ease of ordering, with some rewards thrown in. It’s based on the theory that most people get the same (or one of a few different) orders every time that they go to a restaurant. In other words, if you like the local restaurant’s spicy chicken with green beans, you’ll probably get that whenever you go there. With Ritual, however, you don’t have to worry about filling out the order form every time. Rather, it saves whatever you order and lets you re-order the exact same item with the press of a button. It also tracks your order and, theoretically, tells you when you need to be at the restaurant to pick it up. Not every restaurant is available, but many are and they seem to be adding new ones at a fast pace. They seem particularly strong with ethnic restaurants, although that might just be a function of my neighborhood.

There are two good reasons to sign up:

  • They’ll give you a $10 sign-up bonus to do so. It is a referral site (I’m not even sure what I get out of it, but thank you for using my link!), but there doesn’t seem to be any downside.
  • You earn points with each order. I haven’t exactly figured out the point system, although they apparently you free food. Best as I can tell, points are worth about 5% back on what you spend.

For those of you who are creatures of habit like I am, it’s worth your time.


Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. And now that we’re back to the week, it’s the first Monday of the month, and you know what that means: Disney Movie Rewards trivia and five free points! Just pick your answers in the one-minute quiz and you’ll earn the points. Your answers don’t necessarily have to be right.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 75 Points

Kellogg’s Family Rewards has come on strong with not one, not two, but three whole codes for Easter, worth 25 points each.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 75 Points


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Thanks to diburning at Flyertalk for sponsoring today’s codes, which are a threesome at 25 points each. Tony the Tiger must be in a good mood today. Here is your path to big points:





Dosh Restructures Referral Bonus

Well, it had to happen sometime. Dosh realized that having a referral bonus just based on getting people to sign up would get lots of sign-ups, but no usage. Oh well. They’ve now changed their “cash back shopping for lazy people” site referral bonus structure so that you only get it when your referral cashes out.

So to those of you who were making big bucks by recruiting sign-ups, well, sorry, time to check out something else.

Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Hey, here’s a quick code for Disney Movie Rewards that will give you five free points: LIKEAVILLAIN

As an added bonus, it plays into my daughter’s obsession with Descendants.

First seen at Hunt4Freebies.

My Points Introduces Point Perks

MyPoints, one of the Get Paid To Click/Search/Shop/Etc. sites is introducing a new way to earn points, calling it Point Perks. It won’t be a big number, but hey, it’s free.

MyPoints Perk Points

perks points, mypoints

Points Perks from MyPoints

Point Perks appears to work similar to Swagbucks’ swag codes. They’ll give you a code that you can enter on the site and reward you with 1-5 points. The code will be delivered through Facebook or Twitter and only be good for a couple of hours, so get them while they’re hot! You can enter the code on the box in the top right hand corner of the MyPoints home page.

If you haven’t signed up for MyPoints yet, feel free to do so here and we will both get something swell.