Easy Cash By Submitting Receipts

In a recent survey, 100% of people agreed with the statement, “I need to eat food to live.”

Now, not only can your grocery shopping keep you alive but it can also make you some money. There’s a wave of apps that pay you for buying certain products and scanning your receipt (or linking your loyalty card). There are even apps that pay you simply for scanning a receipt, regardless of what you bought. Manufacturers pay the app owners in the hopes that you’ll buy their product, and the app gives you a portion of the payment. For example, you may get $1 for buying a particular brand of cereal, $.25 for lemons or $5 for a particular vodka. You won’t get rich, but it only takes a minute to scan and you’ll earn more than a few bucks every month. Since the same brands advertise on multiple apps, you’ll be able to get credit at more than one site for the same receipt!

Important: If you choose to link your loyalty card instead of scanning the receipt to get credit, you must load the offer beforehand. If you scan a receipt, there is no lead to select the product ahead of time.

Here is the most current list that I have of these apps, as well as a description. Note that many of them offer me a referral bonus and you a sign-up bonus. I use and vouch for anything listed here. Thanks!


Ibotta (get it, “I bought a…) is the leading app in the segment. It’s easy to sort through the list of stores, products and brands that they offer and most rebates are in the $.25-$2.00 range. They also run frequent “any items” offers, which gives you money just for uploading a receipt. You can cash out at $25 and the sign-up bonus is currently $10. I’d be grateful if you signed up through my link here and it will send you a link to download the app.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is almost exactly the same as Ibotta. Scan your receipt after your purchases, or pick your items ahead of time and use your loyalty card. If you buy an item that’s on offer, they’ll give you a rebate. I find this app just a touch more difficult to use than Ibotta, but there’s no reason that you can’t use both. I don’t have a link, so you’ll need to download it from your app store.

Receipt Hog

This is going to be one of those “love ’em or hate ’em” apps. The love ’em is that you get points for every receipt you scan, regardless of what you bought (although a higher total gets you more points than a lower total), up to a weekly limit of 250 points. Based on the type of receipt, you may also get a spin of a prize wheel (for coins) or entries into a sweepstakes. 1,000 points earns you $5. The hate ’em is the fact you’re giving up a fair bit of personal information, particularly since they see everything you buy. Of course, that information is already with the store and the credit card, so I guess it’s not terrible. I don’t have a referral link, so you’ll need to download it from your app store.


It pays you in points rather than cash, but the concept is the same. This site, though, has one neat feature: Instead of selecting the items that you want to submit for rebates, you just scan the receipt with your phone. Fetch will find the items on the receipt that are offering rebates and credit you automatically. If it doesn’t understand a particular line, it will ask you. Even if nothing on the receipt qualifies for points, they will usually give you some, just for scanning. 1,000 points translates to $1. If you sign up through this link and enter code R9ECT, we each get 1,500 points.

I’ll keep this page updated as I find more sites.