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Disney Movie Rewards: 10 Points

It’s that time again, when Disney rolls out its free points just for peeking in on its trivia. Visit the trivia at Disney Movie Rewards and go through the questions. There’s no need to get them right, so don’t worry about the answers. Complete the less-than-one-minute quiz for five points. Then, look at the link …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Up To 15 Points

Disney Movie Rewards is starting to drive me a bit nuts, with quizzes seeming to come and go. This week’s quiz can be found here, but if you change the two digits at the end to 79 after you complete it, you’ll get another five points. Then, change it to 78 and you’ll be eligible …

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Out of Office Notice

See you in mid-July!

Disney Movie Rewards: Free Points From Trivia

Disney Movie Rewards’ trivia still continues to frustrate me. There is no link to it anymore, but it still exists. Answer the trivia questions and get five DMR points, regardless of your score. Want a few more options? Click on the above URL and change the last two digits to 74. You’ll get another game. …

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Dosh Referral Link

Dosh is what I call cash back shopping for lazy people. Simply link your credit card to the app and they will give you credit every time you buy something at a participating store (found on their site). It’s similar to the Dining for Miles programs that you see, except it also includes a lot …

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Money Maker At MyPoints; Kellogg’s Family Rewards Warning

mypoints, hulu

Money Maker from Hulu at MyPoints ($23.26) Wow, I don’t know what happened to Zoey Bartlet, but that kidnapping really must have had an impact on her. She really got swept up in that whole new society in The Handmaid’s Tale. Her loss is your gain, though. MyPoints is offering 5,000 points to sign up …

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Pampers Rewards: 10 Points

Hey, remember Pampers Rewards/Gifts to Grow/whatever they’re called now? They used to give out codes every few days. They don’t anymore, but I recently stumbled across one for 10 points. Enter code TARGETRK18 at their site and you’ll pick up your free points. Bad news: As of May 31, they’re discontinuing code entries. Since my kids no …

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Help Me Earn $100,000! Oh, And You Can Get Money…


Okay, it’s not that easy, but it does give me an opportunity to talk about Ibotta, one of my favorite cash back app sites. Here’s how it works: When you come back from the supermarket, take a look at Ibotta and see what they’re giving money back for. If you bought any of the brands …

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Swagbucks And Hulu: $24 Money Maker

I was actually alerted to this offer by an email from MyPoints, but the Swagbucks version is better on a dollar-basis. Earn Swagbucks from Hulu You have a chance to pick up $24 from Hulu through Swagbucks. Sign up through the site and you’ll get all the Buffy The Vampire Slayer that you want for …

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Coke Rewards

Anyone want a cap? 70XLNKT P95XP6V If you use the code, please note it in the comments so no one else tries to.