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Feb 12

Possible Free Yogurt?

I like freebies. I like yogurt. So free yogurt is about as good as it gets. Yum, Chobani. Check in here to get a possible free Chobani product. Hunt4Freebies, where I found the coupon, says that it’s good at Meijer but, if you read the T&C, it says that the coupon can be used at …

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Feb 08

Treasure Trooper: The Most Diverse Free “Get-Paid-To” Site

treasure trooper

I write a lot about sites where you can earn easy, if not always copious, cash by taking surveys, clicking links, watching videos, etc. I will only use sites that are free and allow me to do interact with them while I’m doing something else. I’ve found Treasure Trooper to be one of the most comprehensive …

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Feb 05

Swagbucks: $10 Free (And Software)


Good morning! While I know that most of you  some of you   a few of you none of you are disappointed in the result of last night’s Super Bowl, maybe $10 from Swagbucks will help cheer you up.* Free Money (And Software) from Swagbucks Do you like money? Do you like software? Well, if you do, you’re …

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Jan 30

$10 Free From Ritual Restaurant Ordering App


There seems to be a new restaurant ordering app popping up every day. Nothing wrong with signing up for a new one if they are giving you free money, and Ritual actual has something unique about it. Ritual: One-Stop Shopping I use Ritual pretty frequently because of their one-click system. I’m boring and get the …

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Jan 26

Bruegger’s: Three Free Bagels


We bought our kids an Xbox for their birthday, and I’m pretty sure it’s the worst decision that I’ve ever made. Has anyone ever tried to use this thing? When I was a kid, I had an Atari. You stick a cartridge in the slot, pick up the joystick and you’re done. Now, these newfangled …

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Jan 20

Up To 600 United Miles: Opinion Miles Club

united, opinion miles

Surveys are a good way to earn some extra points, miles or dollars. Most airlines offer them and they’re easy enough partners to use. Opinion Miles Club At United, you can earn up to 600 miles by joining their survey partner and completing your first survey. Most of them range from 5-15 minutes long, and …

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Dec 23

If You Are Reading This…

It means the internet is working. It also means that I’m out of town and won’t be posting again until January. Be sure to subscribe in the box to the right and be one of the first to know when I’ve started posting again! I know that’s not exactly a resounding call to action, but it makes me …

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Dec 16

Subscriptions And Possible Free Candy

So, a few things today. First, in theory, I have the subscription field working (It’s somewhere to the right –>). Note, though, that this is only theory, because my technical skills aren’t too good. You should get an email immediately asking you to verify your email address. If you don’t, please email me at …

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Dec 16

Test Post

This is just a test post to see if the mailing list is working. Feel free to ignore.

Dec 14

Getting “Perky,” Kellogg’s Family Rewards, Top Cash Back

One of the things that I wanted to do when I relaunched the site was not only develop a resource for all the free points out there but also come up with a few other ideas if you want to pick up some free cash along the way. Obviously, nobody is going to make a …

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