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LifePoints, The Improved Global Test Markets


Global Test Markets has rebranded itself as LifePoints. Let’s take a look at it. Typically, I’m pretty skeptical of sites that claim to be new and better. New? Possible. Better? Usually not. Still, LifePoints actually made a few improvements and the new sight is worth seeing. LifePoints (Formerly Global Test Markets) LifePoints, formerly Global Test …

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Global Test Market Surveys: Changes Are Coming

Every once in a while, I write about survey sites, which are just what they sound like: Do a quick online survey and they’ll give you some sort of compensation, usually in the range of $.50-3.00. You will not get rich off of them, but it gives you something mindless to do while you watch …

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Last Day To Cash Out eMiles

As of June 29, survey site eMiles is shutting its doors. I’d say that I’ll miss it, but I won’t. Over the past year, eMiles has experienced a significant decline in quality, to the point that it was useless. If you don’t cash out today, your eMiles will convert to e-Reward on June 29, which I …

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Why e-Rewards Is Worth Your Time


e-Rewards is one of the better survey sites out there for a number of reasons: The surveys are relatively easy to complete, they take the amount of time they say and the rewards are decent. You can earn anything from a gift certificate to miles. The Not-So-Hidden Benefit But one of the best benefits of …

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1,000 Free Marriott Points, Top Cash Back

marriott rewards

Marriott Rewards Want 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points? All it takes is a Twitter account. Head over to the Marriott Rewards tweet and they’ll give you the bonus if you can tell them what yard line the extra point ball is snapped from in football. (Hint: It’s the 15.). Be sure to tag it #RewardsPoints …

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e-Rewards, Top Cash Back


Yesterday, I came home to view our weekly shopping circulars. My local supermarket had a banner wishing everyone a Happy Chanukah, which I thought was nice. Right below the banner was a promotion for ham. Gave me a big smile for the day. e-Rewards Some people love e-Rewards, some don’t. I happen to really like …

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