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Recyclebank: New Month, New Earnings

Recyclebank is the definition of free points. It’s based on trying to get consumers to be more environmentally friendly and gives you points for clicking on links, reading articles, etc. The prizes aren’t too great, but who couldn’t use a free magazine or local discount every now and then? Each month, Recyclebank adds new offers …

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New Month, So Visit Recyclebank

Don’t forget to visit Recyclebank, a site dedicated to teaching you how to live greener and picking up a few bucks from the corporate partners. Nothing wrong with that, by the way. You can benefit also. The site has numerous links that you can click to earn points, exchangeable for everything from gift cards to …

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Recyclebank: Earn Points For Clicks


Wow, earning points and saving the environment? Can it really be true? Yes, it is! Sort of. Kind of. Here’s Recyclebank. Recyclebank Okay, don’t get too excited. Recyclebank (RB) is a site that is dedicated to  helping people learn to live green. Although it has public companies as investors, it is a private entity based …

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Recyclebank: Earn Countless Points

One of the sites that I always forget to mention is Recyclebank, whose “hook” is that they teach you about recycling. They pay for rewards by partnering with major brands, but that’s okay, we don’t judge. One of the nice things that they have done is move all of the “earn” opportunities onto one page, …

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Top Cash Back, Recyclebank

top cash back

Here are the morning’s goodies. Maybe there will be more later. Only the shadow knows. Or the internet people. Top Cash Back Christmas Treats First item up is the daily Christmas Treat from Top Cash Back. Today, I got a snowman. Four of those and I’ll end up with $25. Of course, it’s TCB, so …

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