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Ibotta: Free Money And Free Veggies


Question: Why do smoke detector batteries only fail between 2 am and 4 am? Is it a law or something? Ibotta is one of my favorite shopping apps. It’s simple: After you finish your shopping trip, check the site to see if any of the groceries that you are buying are offering rebates. If they …

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Ibotta Reinstates Free Money; Other Sites

Two days until the Super Bowl, six until the NBA trade deadline and ten until the four sweetest words in the English language, “Pitchers and catchers reported…” And to top it all off, Ibotta has reinstated free money. What else can we ask for? Ibotta And The Case Of The Missing Quarter A few days …

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Ibotta “Enhances” Its Site


In the points business, the word “enhance” is a dirty one. It usually means, “We’re going to take away a benefit and try to convince you that it was a good thing.” Well, Ibotta has joined the enhancing party. Ibotta Pulls $.25 “Any Offer” Ibotta is a receipt-scanning site that rewards you for purchases, generally …

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