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Making Money With Job Spotter (And The Added Bonus)

job spotter

There are a lot of these “gig economy” jobs that allow you to make money on the side, but there are very few that make you money by helping other people get jobs. Job Spotter is an app that does so. Job Spotter is the brain child of, one of the largest job hunting/recruiting …

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Invitation To Join Initiative Q

Initiative Q is an attempt by some ex-PayPal to develop a new payment system to replace the current method that they consider outdated. I’m not sure what that all means, but it comes from some people with credibility, so that’s a plus. They’re calling the technology Initiative Q, and it seems to be a sort …

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MyPoints: Money Maker (~$4.00) And Ziploc Bags


MyPoints is one of those “paid-to” sites, whether it’s clicking on their email ads (usually five points each) or shopping through their site (less profitable, but still not bad). Often, their email ads will include purchase offers and, occasionally, the offers are so good that you can actually make money by buying something. Ziploc Money …

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