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Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Mystery Points Newsletter

Disney Movie Rewards just sent out its monthly newsletter for mystery points, so be sure to take a look in your email for it. Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and you’ll see the banner to click.. They are contributing the fine tradition of pushing the mystery points out further and further into …

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Disney Movie Rewards Trivia: Five Free Points

Well, for once, Disney Movie Rewards has one, and only one, trivia game available. So head over to the quiz, spend a minute and earn five points.

Disney Movie Rewards: 10 Free Points From Trivia

It looks like Disney Movie Rewards has fallen back on its old ways, offering a public quiz for everyone to see, but having a hidden one, as well. Fortunately, I’m nosy. Go here to take the first quiz. The quizzes only take a minute and will get you five points. Once you have done that, …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Points

Wow, Disney Movie Rewards seems to have gotten their act together with the trivia, finally giving the right link for the week and not offering hidden links. It’s every other Monday, so you can visit DMR today, do the trivia challenge and pick up five free points.

Disney Movie Rewards Newsletter: Free Points

I just got my Disney Movie Rewards newsletter for my free September points. They seem to be sending it out later and later each month. For those of you who get it, just scroll to the bottom and click on the banner that offers you your mystery points. I got four, which is better than …

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Disney Movie Rewards: 15 Free Points

It’s that time again, when Disney rolls out its free points just for peeking in on its trivia. Visit the trivia at Disney Movie Rewards and go through the questions. There’s no need to get them right, so don’t worry about the answers. Complete the less-than-one-minute quiz for five points. Then, look at the link and change …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Newsletter Points

Go ahead and check your email for the link from Disney Movie Rewards. The monthly newsletter should be in there, along with a link at the bottom to collect your free points. I got five points this month.

Disney Movie Rewards Trivia: 10 Points

The easiest points to get from Disney Movie Rewards, other than the freebies that come in the newsletter, are the ones that you get by taking its 60-second quiz. Answer a few questions, right or wrong, and they’ll give you five points. The problem with the trivia is that they don’t always update it bi-weekly …

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Disney Movie Rewards Challenge: Five Free Points

It’s that time of the week again, when Disney Movie Rewards posts new trivia questions. They do so every two weeks, and answering the questions, whether you get them right or not, will earn you five Disney Movie Rewards points. Enjoy!

Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Points

Yesterday, Disney Movie Rewards sent out its monthly newsletter and, as usual, at the bottom, there was a link to pick up some free points. The links are definitely going out later in the month and the numbers are getting smaller (I only got four.), but free points are better than no free points. Check …

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