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Free Coke Code

For those of you who still collect the My Coke Rewards caps, or whatever it’s called, here’s a freebie for you. It’s only one use, so if you use it, please note that in the comments so that others don’t waste their time. Thank you. F6HHJVLP4W9TNB

Free Doughnuts And Five Disney Movie Rewards Points

my coke rewards

Bet that got your attention. And now, My Coke Rewards and Dunkin’ Donuts can make your dream come true. My Coke Rewards Caps Between now and 12/28, be one of the first hundred thousand people to enter four MCR caps and get $2 to Dunky’s. Okay, now it’s one of the next 76,000 people. $48,000 …

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Freebies: Coke Contest, InboxDollars, Online Shopping

coca cola

A few tidbits on the day. Enjoy your freebies. Win An Amazon Gift Card From Coca-Cola Although the My Coke Rewards program is gone, Coke caps will still get you something. And now, you don’t even need a Coke cap to win something. Enter the Amazon Gift Card contest and click on the “Rules” link. …

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A Free Movie (For A Month) From Coca-Cola

Cinemark, coca-cola

MoviePass may be on the verge of death, but it has clearly changed the way that theaters sell tickets now. It looks like, at least for major theater chains, the subscription model is here to stay, even if it isn’t “all you can eat.” Cinemark And Coca-Cola If you enter one cap or code from …

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Coca Cola: Four Caps Gets You A $2 iTunes Gift Card

coca cola

Coca Cola got rid of its official rewards program, but you can still enter caps along the way to pick up some prizes. There’s a long list of offers, but the one that I got today seems pretty simple: Enter four Sprite caps and you’ll get a code for a $2 iTunes gift card, as …

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Coca-Cola Offers And Sweepstakes

Last year, My Coke Rewards died a slow and painful death. It was replaced by its lesser progeny, which I simply call Coca-Cola Offers. Every once in a while, a good one pops up. I have gotten an uncountable (okay, 5) number of movie tickets from them by doing little to nothing. Those good ones …

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Coca-Cola Offers: A Few Uses For Caps


With the formal My Coke Rewards program gone, I always forget that there are still usually opportunities to get something for your caps. Here are two. Movies at Home Want to rent a movie on Amazon? Get a freebie, or at least one worth up to $3.99, by entering 25 codes. Act fast, though, since …

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Coca-Cola Offers: Bracket Refresh 2018

My Coke Rewards, or whatever the program is called now, isn’t what it once was, but they do have interesting gigs every now and then. Enter Bracket Refresh 2018. Bracket Refresh 2018 Games based on the NCAA tournament are always fun, and Coke is offering up prizes that don’t even require you to fill out …

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Coca-Cola Code

Don’t know if anyone still collects these, but just in case, here’s a freebie. If you use it, PLEASE leave a note in the comments so others don’t waste their time. Thanks! F7BH5F5T9BPHX4

Kellogg’s Family Rewards, Contests

Kellogg's Family Rewards

Before I forget, I’d like to note that the subscription box is working, once and for all. Just enter your email to the right and you’ll get my nonsense on a daily basis. If you have Gmail, it may show up in your Promotions or Social box. Kellogg’s Family Rewards: up to 600 Points Kellogg’s …

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