Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Up To 300 Free Points

You can grab up to 300 free points from Kellogg’s Family Rewards. 100 are guaranteed, although I’m not sure about the other 200.

100 Free Points for This Bonus Code

In addition to flowers and brunch, Mother’s Day now brings you free points. Enter code HAPPYMOMDAY2UKFR and pick up 100 points. Then, use those points to buy her, well, nothing. You can’t get anything good for 100 points.

200 Possible Free Points for Inactivity Code

Here’s where it gets interesting. Every once in a while, KFR sends me a code for free points because I’ve been inactive. I don’t know why they think I’ve been inactive. After all, I input every inactivity code they send me.

But hey, it’s worth a shot. Here is the inactivity link, which you can try out for yourself.

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