Freebird: Points For Taking Uber Or Lyft

Well, this could get interesting.

I’ve started using a new app called Freebird (Use bonus code dec71) to book Uber and Lyft rides. The app gives you at least 250 points on each ride. Earn 5,000 points and they’ll give you $10.

How to Use Freebird

It’s easy. Open the app and use it to connect to Uber or Lyft. It’ll take you to the same rideshare site as if you went directly. Prices are the same (I checked.). Etc. I don’t know what the arrangement between Uber/Lyft and Freebird is.

How Do They Make Money?

Ahh, here’s the answer. They partner with local merchants. If you go to the merchant using Uber/Lyft and then make a purchase with the same credit card, Freebird gives you bonus points. I have no doubt that the arrangement with the merchant means that they pay something to the app.

Do I Have to Ride to A Merchant Partner?

No. You get Freebird points if you take any ride through the app. You’ll get more points if you take one to a Freebird partner.

Referrals and Sign-Up

If you sign up through my referral link (and I thank you if you do), we each get $5 for each of your first two rides. Enter promo code dec71 to activate the bonus for each of us.


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