Swagbucks Member Recognition: Reward Levels

Swagbucks* is one of my favorite survey/shop/get-paid-to sites and, when I get around to putting up my survey page, it’ll be ranked at the top. They make it relatively easy to earn money and, even more important, to cash out. They have their own currency, which you can convert to cash. 100 Swagbucks (SB) equals $1.

A few weeks ago, they introduced a member recognition program, which looks similar to the lifetime programs of the standard frequent flyer plans. Note that the program is new, so registration isn’t universally open. They have promised, however, that everyone will be able to register sometime in April.

Swagbucks Member Recognition: Prizes at (Most) Levels


The various reward levels

Swagbucks hasn’t told us what each level will get you, but I’ve done a bit of digging and come up with most of the answers. Suffice it to say, the awards aren’t quite as exciting as one would find in a traditional loyalty program, but they get better as you go higher. Level 9, for instance, gets you a $150 bonus.

I did a little digging and got most of the rewards for each level, but not all of them. Since level 9 gets you $150, I’m really curious what 10 produces. Here’s what I know so far:


Level 3: Onyx

You can redeem for gift cards, and level 3 members will get rebated 100 SB ($1) on their first redemption.  PayPal gift cards, by the way, are eligible for the added bonus.

The real benefit here, though, is the double points on your next two survey completions. Surveys can be worth up to several hundred SB, so a $5 survey, for example, becomes a $10 prize.


Level 4: Amethyst

Similar to level 3, although you’ll get double points on your first three completed surveys once you reach level 4.


Level 5: Jade

Getting more interesting. Your gift card rebate is now $1.25 and you’ll still get another double SB bonus on a survey. You’ll also get a bonus if you make a shopping purchase through the site. Use their shopping portal to earn extra cash back (in this case, an additional $3) on your first purchase once you hit level 5.


Level 6: Topaz

I started off at Topaz. Didn’t get around to using my shopping bonus, but I did make a few extra dollars for the bonus surveys and gift card redemption.


Level 7: Sapphire

Okay, they’re not the most creative folks, but the rewards are a little better. You’re up to a $5 bonus on the shopping, along with your other bonuses.

Level 8: Emerald

Level 8 introduces a new benefit, real-time shipping. In other words, there’s no 2-3 day delay when you redeem for most gift cards up to $25. You’re also now up to a 1,000 SB ($10) on your next shopping purchase.


Level 9: Ruby

Here’s where it gets really interesting. In addition to  the other benefits, you’ll pick up an instant $150 bonus. Of course, you need to have earned 1,000,000+ SB lifetime to get the benefit, so start collecting now.

There is a level 10, but I don’t know what you get there. Hopefully, the surprise will be revealed soon.

Overall, I’d expect the program to expand over time, but for now, it offers some basic rewards to those who dedicate a little more time to the site.


Swagbucks is a referral program and we both get something if you sign up with my link. Thanks!


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