$2.85 From Swagbucks Cash And Other Stuff

A couple of housekeeping items, and then we’ll get to the good stuff on Swagbucks..

First, I’d once again like to complain about the quality of the spam that I get. Seriously, if you name yourself “Cialis,” the filters are going to catch you. Put some effort into it.

Second, after 19 years in the financial services industry (with a brief interruption), it appears that my career has come to an end. On to the next thing, whatever that is. Don’t see myself making a fortune blogging. As far as I know, the only things that generate income on this site are clicks on the Google Ads. Do I even have ad banners? I’ll have to look into that.

Maybe I can make a living doing surveys. Hmm, $50/month from 50 different survey companies. $30k per year. I’ll look into that…

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Free And Easy $2.85 from Swagbucks (And Then Some)…


Not exactly the big bucks, but every bit helps.

If you’re not signed up for Swagbucks*, you really should be. It’s a search engine that randomly gives you points for searching. You never know where or when they will come. You can also earn points through surveys, offers, purchases, signing up for newsletters and other ways. The surveys are particularly good and generally pay more than other websites. But the easy return on capital (i.e., your time), comes from the sign-up offers. It’s easy. They have a bunch of merchants who are willing to pay you just to sign up for their newsletter. I have no idea why companies are willing to pay me just for my email. Don’t care. I have a secondary email where I send stuff that doesn’t get read as often. Added bonus: They’re instituting a loyalty program.

This is what I did in the past week. I didn’t work particularly hard at it, so there’s plenty more out there. Sorry i don’t have the direct links, but they’re pretty easy to find on the site:

Sign Up for Newsletter from:        Get:

Enfamil                                                   $.25

Domino’s                                               $.25

Kellogg’s Family Rewards           $1.00

Myrtle Beach Hotel                         $.05

Huggies                                                  $.50

Pillsbury                                                $.40

Betty Crocker                                    $.40

All of the above took me a few minutes, since all they wanted was an email. Some wanted a bit more information, but I’m not concerned with snail mail.

You, too, can sign up for Swagbucks and become a billionaire millionaire at least $2.85 richer. Yup, that’s a referral link, but they’ll also start you with a bonus of some sort (I don’t actually know how much. I’d appreciate it if somebody who signs up throws a note in the comments.).



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