March 2019 archive

Disney Movie Rewards: Newsletter Points

Yes, it’s that time. Disney Movie Rewards’ monthly newsletter should be in your mailbox. Ooh, Dumbo! But even better, scroll to the bottom and click on the link for your mystery points. I got a whopping six this month!  

LifePoints, The Improved Global Test Markets


Global Test Markets has rebranded itself as LifePoints. Let’s take a look at it. Typically, I’m pretty skeptical of sites that claim to be new and better. New? Possible. Better? Usually not. Still, LifePoints actually made a few improvements and the new sight is worth seeing. LifePoints (Formerly Global Test Markets) LifePoints, formerly Global Test …

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Disney Movie Rewards Trivia: 10 Free Points

Sorry folks, it’s been kind of a rough week, so I’ve been offline. I’m coming back with yet more Disney Movie Rewards. Disney Movie Rewards Pick up 10 points from DMR Trivia. First, go to the link I just provided. Then, look at the URL and change the “113” at the end to “114.” You’ll …

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