Two Search And Survey Sites Making Changes (At Least One Is Good)

Want a little free cash? There are a ridiculous number of sites that you can find online. The problem is differentiating the good for the bad. You can get paid to search, take surveys, watch videos, etc. How much you’ll get paid depends on the site. You won’t be quitting your day job to take surveys or click links all day, but it gives you some money makers while you watch TV or are supposed to be sleeping.

Two of the programs that I use are making changes, and we know that at least one is favorable. I’ll give you the lowdown on both. We’ll give priority to the better one:

Swagbucks Adds A Loyalty Bonus: Elite Levels!


The new Swagbucks Membership Rewards Program

Okay, anything that includes leveling-up gets my attention. Yes, I’m a sucker. Fortunately, this one is worth it.

If you’re not signed up for Swagbucks*, you really should be. It’s a search engine that randomly gives you points for searching. You never know where or when they will come. You can also earn points through surveys, offers, purchases and other ways. The surveys are particularly good and generally pay more than other websites. Often, there are offers that will give you more back in points value than they actually cost to complete, meaning that you’ll get a free product and make a profit. 100 Swagbucks (SB) is worth a dollar.

Swagbucks is adding a membership rewards program, based on your lifetime earnings. It launches in the next 45 days, but you can pre-register today (and only today). After today, you have to wait for the actual launch date. They’re not revealing what you’ll get at each level, but it represents another reason to use the site. I’m currently eligible for Amethyst.

Global Test Market

Global Test Markets, a survey site, is changing its name and, theoretically, making other changes. They’ve been sending me emails for weeks, but have given me very few details.

The only relevant detail that they have mentioned is a positive one: If you try a survey but get rejected for it, they’ll give you two points. A normal survey will give you 50-100 points, so it’s not exactly a fortune, but at least it provides a reason for people to click their links.

What we don’t know is how they will value points. Currently, they’re worth a little less than a penny each. A new program, with a new name, is a perfect chance for them to devalue the points, while telling us that it’s a great “enhancement.”

Remember, you won’t make millions on any of these sites. But a few bucks here and a few bucks there begins to add up.


*This is a referral link. You’ll get $3 if you sign up through me (and I’ll get a bonus based on what you earn). It doesn’t cost you anything and it helps me buy shoes. Seriously, forget the kids. I need new shoes.


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