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Two Search And Survey Sites Making Changes (At Least One Is Good)


Want a little free cash? There are a ridiculous number of sites that you can find online. The problem is differentiating the good for the bad. You can get paid to search, take surveys, watch videos, etc. How much you’ll get paid depends on the site. You won’t be quitting your day job to take …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Bi-weekly trivia has popped up, so you get free points. Woo-hoo! Head over here, answer the questions, bask in your glory. Then collect five points. Remember, you don’t need to get the questions right to get the points.  

Free Coke Code

For those of you who still collect the My Coke Rewards caps, or whatever it’s called, here’s a freebie for you. It’s only one use, so if you use it, please note that in the comments so that others don’t waste their time. Thank you. F6HHJVLP4W9TNB

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Points

For a while, it looked like Kellogg’s Family Rewards was never going to send out another bonus code again. Fortunately, they were nice enough to send me one yesterday. Enter the code LOVE-YOUR-KFRE-WARD for 100 free points and add to that total. You have until February 25 to do so. No time like the present.  

Disney Movie Rewards: 10 Free Points From Trivia

disney movie rewards

First, I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in the quality of spam that I’m getting. Spammers used to try much harder. Now, it seems like they’re hardly putting any effort into it. Or maybe it’s just that Akismet has stepped up its game. In any case, onto Disney Movie Rewards… Disney Movie …

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