Stacking Supermarket Receipt Rebates For (Almost) Free Food

One of the slowest ways to earn money is through supermarket rebate sites. I know, not exactly inspiring. But hear me out. It could lead to free munchies (or more). Here is how I got (almost) free cereal with a single receipt.

Easy Cash By Submitting Receipts

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My cash back from supermarket receipts? Hardly.

I don’t eat a lot of cereal, but my kids do, so I’ll take it when it’s cheap. Generally, I don’t like to pay more than $1 per box. Coupons rarely get me to that point, so I rely on rebate sites. There are a number of sites but, when it comes to groceries, look for the ones that give you cash back for submitting receipts, like these.

You may need to combine sites, but that’s okay. They’re usually “stackable,” which means that one receipt can generally be used for several different rebates. Here’s an example of something that I did today:

  • Cereal at my local Star Market was on sale for $1.77. That’s a good start.
  • First, check on MyPoints for coupons. They’ve cut back on email points, but you can still do well with coupons. They have a page dedicated to coupons, which give you one point per coupon that you print, plus 25 points for every one you redeem. That’s worth 26 points. Since each point is worth about 0.63 cents, that’s a whopping $.16 in my pocket. The coupon itself was worth $.50 off of a box of cereal, but many supermarket double. Mine did. Total from MyPoints: $1.16.
  • Next is Ibotta, which is my favorite of the supermarket rebate sites. Each week, they have a list of products that give you a rebate if you buy them. Simply scan your receipt and they’ll give you money back. Today, I picked up $.35 from them. They were offering $.25 for buying any box of cereal, and $.10 for any item at all. Each week, they usually have an “any item” offer. It ranges from $.05 to $.25. Total from Ibotta: $.35.
  • Then, there are others. For example, Fetch, which gives you points for scanning any receipt, gave me 25 points for scanning this receipt. Again, not a big deal. It was worth about $.03. And finally, there’s Receipt Hog. It gave me five points for my receipt, worth about $.02. It also gives “spins” on a prize wheel, which can win you more points. Both of these can be found on the Scanning Receipts page. Total from randoms: $.05.


Overall, this box of cereal cost me about $.21 and five minutes of my time. Usually, it’s as simple as pulling up the app and scanning your receipt. It’s not a lot of work, and I can do it while I watch TV.

I’m always interested in these receipt apps, so please let me know of any that I missed. Until then, use the ones on the Scanning Receipts page for freebies.


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