Earn Money For Playing Free Online Solitaire (No, Seriously)

I’ll start by saying that yes, you can actually earn money for playing solitaire. I’ll also mention that you won’t get rich doing so, either. It’s solitaire. And it’s free. But it’s also money, so visit InboxDollars.*

Solitaire (And More) at InboxDollars


Play Klondike Solitaire to progress along the cash bar

I’ve mentioned the site InboxDollars before. It’s a pretty easy way to earn cash by clicking links, taking surveys or letting videos run in the background. In other words, stuff that requires no effort. I use the site while watching TV. You can read more about it here.

Recently, they added games. There’s no cost to play, and doing so will earn you progress along the “Scratch & Win” bar. Once you reach then end of the bar, you get a virtual scratch card that guarantees you something, with prizes ranging from $.05-$100. Guess which one of those you get more often?

Just look for the “Games” dropdown in the dropdown menu. You can play games other than solitaire, as well. That just happens to be my addiction of choice.


Play games at InboxDollars.

I make $40 every three weeks or so, although i do the occasional survey and let the videos run in the background. And while $40 doesn’t sound like a ton, if you do that once per month, that’s $500 per year. It’s free to sign up, so head on over and play some cards!



*Yup, that is a referral link and I truly appreciate it if you sign up under me. They’ll give you a $5 sign-up bonus, as well.

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