Free Food Today! But Don’t Eat It All At Once…

For those of you looking to pick up some free food to celebrate your Wednesday, here are enough options to keep you going all day. Just be sure to consult with your cardiologist…



Members of MyPanera Rewards get a free bagel every day between now and the end of the year. No word on whether it comes with the flavored cream cheese. Or any cream cheese, for that matter.


Okay, this one’s going to cost you a penny, but it comes chock full of creativity. Burger King is willing to give you a Whopper for a penny, but there’s a condition: You must order the Whopper on your app, and you must be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s when you do so.

Yup, in a promotion to relaunch its App, BK has enlisted the Whopper Detour to help. I suppose that there is some satisfaction from getting a Whopper at McDonald’s, but I have no doubt that the endless publicity that they receive, as well as the orders for fries and drinks, will make this a profitable venture for the company. In any case, stand outside McDonald’s and open the app. You’ll unlock the feature. Then, after you place the order, it will direct you to the nearest Burger King. The promo runs through December 12.


Free cheesecake! Okay, you have  to order something, but it’s free cheesecake! From now until December 11, the first 40,000 people who order from The Cheesecake Factory through DoorDash will get free cheesecake! As an added bonus, there’s no delivery fee, although it’s always nice to tip your delivery guy. You won’t need a promo code, so just order as you normally would and you’ll be all set. By the way, have I mentioned free cheesecake! I still need to try the Peppermint Bark…


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