Disney Movie Rewards: Up To 15 Points (Plus Holiday Spectacular)

And we’re back! You probably didn’t even notice that we were gone, but we were, having spent a week staring at the inside of a conference room. And we’re not sure why we’re referring to ourselves in the third person. It seems pretentious. Okay, let’s talk about Disney Movie Rewards.

You can earn up to 15 points by taking the bi-weekly Disney Movie Rewards quiz that shows up every other Monday. Remember, the quiz is short and you don’t have to get any questions right. First, use the link found here. Once you’ve completed that quiz, change the “96” on the end of the URL to a “99” and take the “hidden” quiz. That’s worth another five points.

Disney Holiday Surprise Spectacular

disney holiday surprise spectacular

It’s that time of the year!

And finally, Disney has brought back its Holiday points giveaway. At one time, Disney Movie Rewards used to give out bonus points every day between December 1 and December 25. That tradition died off for a while, but it seems to have returned. Be sure to check out the calendar daily to see what bonuses are in order. Today, there’s a link to pick up five points by doing a “Ralph Breaks The Internet” quiz.


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