Global Test Market Surveys: Changes Are Coming

Every once in a while, I write about survey sites, which are just what they sound like: Do a quick online survey and they’ll give you some sort of compensation, usually in the range of $.50-3.00. You will not get rich off of them, but it gives you something mindless to do while you watch reruns of “The West Wing.” It’s free money.

One of my favorites has traditionally been Global Test Market, which has traditionally paid well, particularly for shorter surveys. A few weeks ago, though, I got the following email from them:


Hi Michael,

At GlobalTestMarket we’re going on a journey very soon and we want you to be the first to know. Something big is going to happen, and we want you to be part of it.

First of all, let us tell you how this will affect you.

As a valued member of GlobalTestMarket you’re going to see exciting things that will allow you to connect with a global community, contribute to it with your own opinion, and get the chance to collect more rewards than ever.

When will this happen? (We hear you ask impatiently).

Well, we’re not quite ready to reveal all details just yet. They say that good things come to those who wait, but you’ll love to know that these changes come with an enhanced experience that will put you in the driving seat.

Important information will be announced in the coming weeks. While we all wait for the journey to reach our new home, please stay tuned and don’t miss out any of our updates.

The GlobalTestMarket Team


That’s not a good email to get. Anytime I get one of these “enhancement” emails, telling me that rewards will be getting better and things will be exciting, the site inevitably becomes less exciting with worse rewards.

I’m a current member and won’t change that situation (It’s free, after all.), but until I know exactly what those changes are, I’m putting their surveys at the bottom of my list. Sorry Global Test Market, I’m not going to be recommending the site to new users until we find out what the deal is.



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