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As we’re closing in on the holiday season, I’ve activated the Online Shopping Rebates page to show you how to get a few bucks back on (almost) all of your purchases.

I’m surprised by how many people aren’t using cash back portals for their shopping. The concept is relatively simple: you access your favorite merchant by way of a portal, and the merchant gives the portal a commission as part of an affiliate deal. The portal shares it with you.

Online Shopping Rebates: How It Works

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Earn cash back on all of these

Example: I need new shirts and find the ones that I want at Macy’s, so I go directly to Macy’s website and buy the shirts. I spend $100.


I need new shirts and sign in at Ebates, a well-known shopping portal. I access the Macy’s website through Ebates’ link and, after I make a purchase, Macy’s gives money to Ebates. Ebates then gives some of that money to me. The current cash back rate is 12% of my purchase price. I spend $100, but they give me back $12.

It’s simple, easy and free. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Clear your cookies/cache directly before accessing the portal.
  • The portal is directing you to the exact same website that you’d access directly. It’s the affiliate relationship with the merchant that gets you money back.
  • You don’t have to be buying physical goods. Many travel providers are on here.

I’ve given some more details, as well as my personal favorite portals, on the Online Shopping Rebates page, which will now be a new tab. If you sign up under my link, please feel free to put your own referral link afterward in the comments section (and I thank you for doing so). Yes, you do get a bonus for referring people. That money comes from the portal, though, not from you, so it costs you nothing to sign up. Happy shopping!


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