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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Keep an eye out for your Cyber-Monday email from Disney Movie Rewards. There’s a small link in it labeled “Here’s A Special Gift For You.” They gave me a special gift of five points. Whoo-hoo!  

Global Test Market Surveys: Changes Are Coming

Every once in a while, I write about survey sites, which are just what they sound like: Do a quick online survey and they’ll give you some sort of compensation, usually in the range of $.50-3.00. You will not get rich off of them, but it gives you something mindless to do while you watch …

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CVS Black Friday: $17.29 In Goods For $.23

My favorite Thanksgiving Black Friday tradition has returned! CVS offers a loyalty program awards called “ExtraBucks (EB).” If you make purchases of certain products, they will give you a rebate in the form of a coupon. Every year, CVS runs a Black Friday promotion in which it offers a certain number of products for free*. Buy the …

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Happy Thanksgiving! Out Of Office For A Few Days

Happy Thanksgiving! As you all know, I have a lot of fun writing this blog and collecting freebies, and I truly appreciate the fact that you take a moment out of your day to read what I have to say, particularly given how much of it is just nonsense. I hope you all have a …

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Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Free 50 Points Code

Well, this is kind of nice. Kellogg’s Family Rewards sent out a 50-point code, which is something that I haven’t seen for a while. I wonder if I enter it will they stop sending me inactivity codes? Code: THAN-KFUL-REWA-RD50.

Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points From Trivia

Every two weeks, Disney Movie Rewards gives you the opportunity to pick up five points by answering a few trivia questions. Remember, you don’t have to get them right to get the points.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Potential 200 Points

kellogg's family rewards

It’s that time again, when Kellogg’s Family Rewards sends out its inactivity emails. I’ve never understood that: I don’t buy their products, so they send me more opportunities for free points. Not that I don’t appreciate the attempt to bring me back into the fold, but by now, they’ve gotta know that I’m not going …

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Earny Gets You Cash Back When Prices Drop

Last week, I decided to do my winter shopping. My clothes tend to be pretty plain, so I usually do it based on what store is offering the cheapest price for what I want, including any rebates from cash back shopping. The total, before rebates, was about $275. The best cash back portal for Macy’s …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Free Points

Check your email for your monthly newsletter from Disney Movie Rewards. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to collect. I got a lousy three points this month.

Making Money With Job Spotter (And The Added Bonus)

job spotter

There are a lot of these “gig economy” jobs that allow you to make money on the side, but there are very few that make you money by helping other people get jobs. Job Spotter is an app that does so. Job Spotter is the brain child of, one of the largest job hunting/recruiting …

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