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A few tidbits on the day. Enjoy your freebies.

Win An Amazon Gift Card From Coca-Cola

coca cola

Not exactly two dogs and a piece of spaghetti

Although the My Coke Rewards program is gone, Coke caps will still get you something. And now, you don’t even need a Coke cap to win something. Enter the Amazon Gift Card contest and click on the “Rules” link. Click on the link in Rule 3c and you’ll get a free entry. Sorry folks, only one entry per day.

The gift card is only $25, but that’s $25 more than you started with.


For those of you who have joined InboxDollars (and if you haven’t, you should), you know that you can earn progress toward your next cashout simply by letting videos play in the background (under the “TV” section). That’s it. You don’t have to interact at all.

But IBD is upping the ante, offering you the chance of double progress for 30 minutes. If you complete any survey, you’ll move twice as far along the cash bar for the next half hour. Here’s a hint: There are a ton of surveys that are low-paying, but only take 3-5 minutes to complete. Do one of those, and then enjoy your cash that much faster.

Online Shopping

Experienced internet shoppers know that you should always shop through an online site to get a rebate on your purchases. I’m working on a page for the blog that explains these rebates in more depth. Keep an eye out for it. Now go pick up your freebies!


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