New: Freebie Contests Page

I find myself entering a lot of these freebie instant win contests online, so I’m starting a page with the ones that I find. Feel free to add them in the comments section and I can add them to the master list.

Most of these contests offer instant wins with small prizes, as well as drawings at the end for larger prizes. Don’t expect to win much, but it’s fun to enter and only takes a minute.

Here are a few hints:

  • Establish a “throwaway” email for contest entries. If you want, you can check after a particular contest is over to see if you won a grand prize, but it’ll save your main email inbox from Spam.
  • Enter the Coca-Cola ones. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER A CAP CODE. If you scroll through the T&C and go to “How to Play,” there should be a link for a free entry. Often, you can enter more than once per day. Sadly, they have really annoying Captcha pictures.
  • It goes without saying, but free means free. Don’t ever pay to enter these drawings.
  • I’ll add contests as I find them. I hope to be better about it than I have been in the past.

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