MyPoints: Money Maker (~$4.00) And Ziploc Bags

MyPoints is one of those “paid-to” sites, whether it’s clicking on their email ads (usually five points each) or shopping through their site (less profitable, but still not bad). Often, their email ads will include purchase offers and, occasionally, the offers are so good that you can actually make money by buying something.

Ziploc Money Maker


Ziploc product prices may be different in store than online

They recently sent an offer that allows you to make money at Walmart with Ziploc bags. It’s not a big one, at only $4, but you also get bags along with it.

The offer gives you 1,700 points for buying two Ziploc products. I calculate one MyPoints point to be worth 0.625 cents, which makes this offer worth just over $10. Online, at least (The purchase must be done in-store. I’m using online prices as an example.), you can get two products for about $6. Voila, you total comes to just over $4 of profit.

It’s not something that I’d drive 30 miles for, but if you’re in a Walmart, it’s worth a look.


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