InboxDollars: Improved “Paid To Do Stuff” Site

There are a bunch of sites on the internet that will pay you to do online stuff, like click on links, use a search engine, etc. They won’t pay you much, of course, but you don’t have to put in a lot of effort, either. In other words, the goal is to accumulate nickels and dimes while doing absolutely nothing. InboxDollars is one of those.

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InboxDollars: Minimal Effort Required


Whoo-hoo, almost $35!

InboxDollars is one of those paid to do stuff sites that not only requires minimal effort but also lets you earn your spare change at a somewhat faster rate. There are several ways to do it, including filling out marketing forms (“Easy Cash,” $.25-$2.50 each, give or take), taking surveys (“Surveys,” $.25-$2.00 each) and cash back shopping (“Deals -> Shopping”). Those are standard for these types of sites. What makes InboxDollars different is the Scratch & Win.

Scratch & Win: Not Exciting, But Easy


Scratch & Win. The farther you progress, the more you can win. I could scratch the middle card above, but will probably keep going.

Along with the other stuff, the site allows you to earn money by progressing along the Scratch & Win (S&W) bar. As the pretty colored line moves farther to the right, you’ll have the option either to scratch the card that you’ve reached, or keep going for a higher value scratch card. There are several ways to move along that bar and get to the better prizes, and some require no effort. You are guaranteed to win something when you make your virtual scratch, although it may not be much.

So how do you move across that magical scratch card bar? I’m glad you asked. Here are the various methods:

Let Videos Play In The Background

I have a sophisticated method of using videos to earn progress: I click on the “TV” link in the gray bar, hit play, stick the laptop to the side and go back to doing whatever I was doing before. The videos keep going without my doing anything and after each one completes, it’ll move you a bit farther along the S&W bar. Eventually, you’ll get to the end and get to scratch the highest paying card. And then, it starts over again. Just keep going until you run out of videos.

WinIt And Learn & Earn


Two easy ways to pick up some progress

Two more ways to move the bar to the right are on the home page: “WinIt,” and “Learn & Earn.” The first is easy. Every few days, InboxDollars will put a WinIt code on its Facebook page. Simply type in the code in the box on the home page and you’ll move along the bar. The second method is even easier. There’s a question, usually trivia, under “Learn & Earn.” Pick an answer (It doesn’t have to be the correct one.) and you’ll pick up some more progress.

Use The Search Engine

Click on “Search” in the gray bar. Do a search. Every four searches moves you farther along the line. See how easy that was?

Spin & Win


Spin for cash, progress or, occasionally, nothing.

Finally, there’s the “Spin & Win” option. You can earn up to 20 spins per day and pick up some cash or progress along the bar. In my 20 spins per day, I usually only get 3-5 “No Wins.”

So how do you pick up spins? It’s easy. Click on “Surveys” and try to take a survey. But don’t try too hard. Click on a survey (any survey) and then hit the back button. That’s all you need to do, and you’ll be given a spin. You don’t actually have to answer a single survey question to get your spin! Easy? Yes. Extremely lucrative? Not really. Any work involved? Barely.

And that’s it. Lots of ways either to earn cash or move along to your next scratch card, which could win you up to $100 (but almost certainly won’t). You won’t get rich off this site, but won’t have to work too hard to get to cash out, either. Again, I thank you if you sign up using my referral link.



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