A Free Movie (For A Month) From Coca-Cola

MoviePass may be on the verge of death, but it has clearly changed the way that theaters sell tickets now. It looks like, at least for major theater chains, the subscription model is here to stay, even if it isn’t “all you can eat.”

Cinemark And Coca-Cola

Cinemark, coca-cola

The Cinemark Movie Club

If you enter one cap or code from a Coke product, you’ll earn a free month of the Cinemark movie club.* If you go to a lot of movies and have a Cinemark theater near you, this deal could turn out to be a good one. In addition to the goodies listed above (Rolling over the ticket each month is huge.), it appears that you’ll get $8.99 tickets for yourself and a companion for the rest of the month, after you use your free credit. They’re pretty liberal about which of their theaters you can use, although there is an upcharge for special features.

Anyway, it’s there if you want it. I’ve never subscribed to MoviePass or any of its offshoots at the major theater chains, but I’d like to thank it for permanently breaking the pricing structure at the movies. Because of your sacrifice, movies are now cheaper than they have been in years.


*You do need to enter a credit card and it will renew if you don’t cancel. Be warned.


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