June 2018 archive

Disney Movie Rewards Trivia: Five Free Points

Disney Movie Rewards continues to frustrate, forcing me to keep putting in numbers at the end of the URL to determine where we are (If my URL doesn’t work, change the last two digits to “77.”). Still, five points is five points, so I take what I can get. Remember, you don’t have to get …

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Last Day To Cash Out eMiles

As of June 29, survey site eMiles is shutting its doors. I’d say that I’ll miss it, but I won’t. Over the past year, eMiles has experienced a significant decline in quality, to the point that it was useless. If you don’t cash out today, your eMiles will convert to e-Reward on June 29, which I …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Five Free Points

Check your email for your monthly e-flyer for your mystery point bonus from Disney Movie Rewards. The link should be somewhere near the bottom of the page. I got a whopping five points this month.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 50 Free Points

Kellogg’s Family Rewards has definitely been cutting back on the free codes, so we’re taking them where we can get them these days. Here’s one for 50 points: GETK-FRPO-INTS-4DAD. Enjoy it while you can.

Ritual: $10 Toward Lunch For Each Of Us

Ritual is one of the cooler food order apps that I have seen recently. It allows you to order food for pickup on the app and gives you points toward a free meal for doing so. You simply press the buttons for participating restaurants, check out the wait time and pick up your food in …

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Recyclebank: New Month, New Earnings

Recyclebank is the definition of free points. It’s based on trying to get consumers to be more environmentally friendly and gives you points for clicking on links, reading articles, etc. The prizes aren’t too great, but who couldn’t use a free magazine or local discount every now and then? Each month, Recyclebank adds new offers …

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Kellogg’s Family Rewards And Shutterfly

Kellogg’s Family Rewards is not known for its great rewards, but hey, for a bunch of points that I get for free, what can I expect? One prize that I do like is the bounty from Shutterfly. Shutterfly is a pretty easy place to put together books, calendars, etc., and KFR points can often get …

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Disney Movie Rewards: Free Points From Trivia

Disney Movie Rewards’ trivia still continues to frustrate me. There is no link to it anymore, but it still exists. Answer the trivia questions and get five DMR points, regardless of your score. Want a few more options? Click on the above URL and change the last two digits to 74. You’ll get another game. …

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