Potential Money Makers From MyPoints

MyPoints is a paid-to-do-whatever site. There are ways to earn points by clicking, shopping or doing any one of a number of things. And every once in a while, they give you so many points for an offer that you can come out ahead.

MyPoints Money Makers


Good for 3,500 points

We’ll start with Dollar Shave Club.* They send me nice razors every month and charge me a whopping $9. The sign-up gets you 2,000 points, worth $12.50, and costs you $5. So you get an order of razors and come out ahead by $7.50. If you choose to continue, you’ll get another 1,500 points, which are worth just over $9. To get the continuation points, you need to stay enrolled for two months.

You can also get points for purchasing Pledge, but you need to do it at Walmart.


Points for keeping clean

The Pledge in question runs as low as about $4 per can, and you need to buy two of them to pick up 1,400 points. Since 1,400 points are worth just over $8, you’re getting two cans of Pledge for free. Hey, just in case you want clean surfaces.

If you’re not signed up for MyPoints, I’d love it if you did so through my link. We each get something.


*When I signed up for DSC through MyPoints, it didn’t credit with the times noted in the T&C. I emailed them and they got right back to me, crediting the points (twice, actually).


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