Coca-Cola Offers: A Few Uses For Caps

With the formal My Coke Rewards program gone, I always forget that there are still usually opportunities to get something for your caps. Here are two.

Movies at Home


Want to rent a movie on Amazon? Get a freebie, or at least one worth up to $3.99, by entering 25 codes. Act fast, though, since the deal ends on May 9.

Movies Away from Home


This one’s a better deal and lasts through July 16. Heck, it’s good enough that I might participate.

  • Enter five codes and get a large soda at AMC Theaters
  • Enter another seven codes and you’ll get a free large popcorn.
  • Finally, enter another 10 and you’ll get a free ticket.

Since the value of all the movie gigs are over $24, you could turn this one into a money-maker, depending on how much you pay for your Coca-Cola.


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