Swagbucks: $10 Free (And Software)

Good morning! While I know that most of you  some of you   a few of you none of you are disappointed in the result of last night’s Super Bowl, maybe $10 from Swagbucks will help cheer you up.*

Free Money (And Software) from Swagbucks


I know nothing about this product, other than that it gives me money.

Do you like money? Do you like software? Well, if you do, you’re in luck. Head over to Swagbucks and pick up 3,500 points, worth $35, for spending a total of $24.99, earning you ten bucks. Well, $10.01 to be exact.

One note: It’s a subscription, so write yourself a note to cancel a few months from now. Otherwise, you’ll get an unhappy surprise in about twelve months.


*This offer was first seen at Doctor of Credit. Hat tip for the good detective work.


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