Ibotta Reinstates Free Money; Other Sites

Two days until the Super Bowl, six until the NBA trade deadline and ten until the four sweetest words in the English language, “Pitchers and catchers reported…” And to top it all off, Ibotta has reinstated free money. What else can we ask for?

Ibotta And The Case Of The Missing Quarter


A few days ago, I wrote about how my favorite shopping site, Ibotta, had taken away one of its best offers, which gave you a whopping $.25 just for uploading a receipt.

Well, good news. The $.25 “any offer” has returned! Just upload a receipt and they’ll give you your quarter. It resets about once per week, but can generally be used at multiple stores. I like to think that they were intimidated by my scorching post, but I’m guessing it’s just coincidence. Or maybe not.

One Other Tidbit…

Check out “Fetch” and “Receipt Hog” on this page, both of which will also give you something for uploading a receipt, regardless of what you bought. You don’t earn a quarter for each one, but they don’t limit you to one per week, either.


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