Ibotta: Free Money And Free Veggies

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Ibotta is one of my favorite shopping apps. It’s simple: After you finish your shopping trip, check the site to see if any of the groceries that you are buying are offering rebates. If they are, just scan your receipt and presto! Money appears in your account.

Earning Ibotta Cash with Freebies


Healthy, tasty and rebatey

One of the categories that Ibotta frequently showcases is produce. Every week or so, they’ll offer at least one vegetable or fruit that gives you a rebate for buying it. We’re not talking about brands, here. Rather, it’s a rebate on simply buying a product. This week, for instance, is asparagus and sweet potatoes. Buy either of them and they’ll give you 25 cents. They, of course, think that you are going to buy in bulk. You, of course, know better. They’re offering you cash back for any purchase quantity. If you become the first person in the world to buy a single stalk of asparagus, you come out ahead. Go ahead, enjoy your asparagus.

And if you’re not signed up for the site already, I’d appreciate if you joined through my link. We each get money if you do so.

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