New Or Higher Signup Bonuses

I got a new iPhone over the weekend. My old one was on its last legs and had done an admirable job holding up under stressful circumstances. I felt a little sad when I completely erased it.

Sign Up Bonuses

I got emails with a couple of interesting signup bonuses for online sites this weekend. Among them:

Fetch: Scan a receipt with your phone and the site will automatically determine if you bought a product that offers points. It’s a great site for those of you who buy a lot of branded stuff. If you don’t have anything, they’ll still give you points for trying.

They’ve increased the sign-up bonus to 2,000 points. Sign up through this link and use code R9ECT, we’ll each earn 2,000 points, equivalent to a whopping $2. But hey, it’s for doing nothing.

Dosh: I call Dosh “cash back for lazy people.” Simply sign up, link a credit card and that’s it. Every time you use a participating merchant, they’ll give you cash back.

Sign-up bonus is $5 for you and $10 for me. I know, that seems unfair to me, too. So if you do sign up, feel free to add your link to the comments and get a referral there.


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