Ibotta “Enhances” Its Site

In the points business, the word “enhance” is a dirty one. It usually means, “We’re going to take away a benefit and try to convince you that it was a good thing.” Well, Ibotta has joined the enhancing party.

Ibotta Pulls $.25 “Any Offer”

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Ibotta is a receipt-scanning site that rewards you for purchases, generally at supermarkets or drugstores. Simply compare your receipt to what they have on their weekly specials. If any of them match up, you’ll get money back. For example, Kellogg’s might partner with Ibotta to offer $1.00 back if you buy one of their cereals. So you buy some corn flakes and scan your receipt. Boom, you’re $1 richer.

Note that you can still use store and third-party (newspaper, internet, etc.) coupons in addition to Ibotta, offering you a chance to triple-dip.

One of the things that I liked most about the site was its “any offer.” Every several days, they’d give you $.25 just for scanning a receipt, regardless of what you had bought. No, it’s not much, but free money is free money. Recently, though, they changed that reward from a quarter to a sweepstakes entry. No idea how many people are entered or what you win, but it’s not as good as free money.

Ibotta remains my favorite of the shopping apps, but I’m disappointed that they took away what had been a good bonus.


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