Get Points Just For Showing Up

While I admit to starting today in a worse mood, it improved as the day went on, culminating in lunch after my favorite food stand guy returned. It’s nice when people show up. And it’s nice to get points just for showing up.


One of my favorite apps, particularly at the supermarket, since there is nothing to buy to earn points. Rather, in addition to getting points for surveys, watching videos, etc., you can clean up simply by scanning bar codes. You simply pull up the app and click on the closest store (possibly the one you’re standing in). It will give you a few products and you’ll get points (usually 25) just for scanning the bar code at the product. I assume that they’re checking on inventory or advertising something, but I really don’t care. The easiest thing to cash out for is an Amazon gift card and the points can accumulate quickly.

Simply download the CheckPoints App and you’ll get 70 points. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can use my referral code “friedmanm”. I thank you in advance!


Even easier is the app Shopkick. True, you can get points for buying something or scanning products, like with CheckPoints, but you don’t even have to do that. At many stores, you get points just by showing up. Open the app and it will direct you to the closest participating store. Stand in the entrance and Shopkick will register your location and give you your points. Yup, points for just showing up at a location. I do a bunch of them on my way to work, since I walk by participating stores. Actually buy something? That’s for amateurs.

If you download the app and enter the code “JOY126227”, and we’ll each get 250 points (which they call “kicks.”). Redeem and enjoy!


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