Why e-Rewards Is Worth Your Time

e-Rewards is one of the better survey sites out there for a number of reasons: The surveys are relatively easy to complete, they take the amount of time they say and the rewards are decent. You can earn anything from a gift certificate to miles.

The Not-So-Hidden Benefit


When it pays to fail

But one of the best benefits of e-Rewards is one that doesn’t get a lot of press. When you fail, you win. The site gives you a token amount for just trying a survey, even if you get disqualified, usually $.25-$.50 in e-Rewards currency (which is different from real currency). Best of all, if you don’t qualify for a survey, they knock you out pretty quickly, usually under a minute (Yes, they also have their share of surveys that have you hooked for 5-10 minutes before you get knocked out, but those are fewer in number.). In the survey above, you get $4.50 for a 20-minute survey, or $.25 to get disqualified. At that rate, you can earn a decent prize without ever taking a survey!


Starbucks is just one of many gift cards you can redeem for

It can also take longer that way, of course, but e-Rewards is at least good enough to give you something meaningful when you put in the effort.

Sadly, you need to be invited to join e-Rewards. There’s no way to join on your own. But when you get the invite, it’s worth taking advantage of.


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