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Happy Monday to you all!

Last night, a friend and I set up an Xbox for my kids. So much for plug and play. The thing took three hours and nearly gave me cardiac arrest. Seriously, aren’t these things supposed to get easier over time?

Disney Movie Rewards

disney movie rewards

Earn five points for playing, 50 if you are one of the fastest times

It’s trivia time! Check in for the Monday trivia and pick up a cool five points, no matter how many questions you answer correctly.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a new cashback shopping site, similar to Mr. Rebates and Ebates. The total returns look pretty good and the cofounder was kind enough to email me about it. Since I assume that nobody reads this blog (Hint: Subscribe above!), anybody who writes in gets a free mention. And a puppy. Okay, no puppy.

One nice feature of Giving Assistant is that it allows you to donate a portion of your earnings to charity, and it looks like they support some pretty interesting causes. Feel free to sign up and we’ll each get $5 (I get mine if you make a purchase and I thank you in advance.)!


Dosh is what I call “cash back shopping for lazy people.” It’s like any other cash back shopping site, except that it also works in brick and mortar stores. And the best part about it is, you don’t have to do anything. Just link a credit card or two to Dosh and, whenever you make a purchase at an eligible store with that card, it will pay you your rebate and send you a text telling you that it did so. You don’t have to do anything. If you make the purchase online, just access the store through Dosh’s app.

For signing up and linking purchase methods, you can get a sign-up bonus of up to $7. Then, go ahead and refer a bunch of your friends because, between now and January 21, you’ll get $15 per person who signs up and links a card. Thank you very much for signing up on your phone through my link!

I’ve test-driven the app and can tell you that it does work, since I’ve been rewarded for brick and mortar store purchases. Dosh advertises bank-level encryption.


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