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Here are the morning’s goodies. Maybe there will be more later. Only the shadow knows. Or the internet people.

Top Cash Back Christmas Treats

top cash back

I think today’s clue is a repeat. For those of you who like to guess, I’ve listed the answer below.*

First item up is the daily Christmas Treat from Top Cash Back. Today, I got a snowman. Four of those and I’ll end up with $25. Of course, it’s TCB, so I may never actually see the money.


Like to live green, or just get free stuff from a site that talks about living green? Fear not, I have an option for you. Each month, Recyclebank puts up a bunch of tips, and you can earn points just by viewing them. The rewards aren’t nearly as good as they once were, consisting mostly of coupons or gift cards at One Twine, but you can rack up the points pretty quickly. I counted almost 300 points available just on the earning home page.


*The answer is “Kohl’s.” That doesn’t look like coal, but I’ll take freebies where I can get them.


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