Kellogg’s Family Rewards (25 Points), Top Cash Back, Dosh

And a happy weekend to you! Here are some free points and other goodies.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Hey, 25 points is 25 points. I’ve got almost 30,000 KFR points and I can’t remember the last time I bought a box of cereal. These freebies add up over the years. Enter bonus code: HOHOHOLIDAYBONUS.

Also, don’t forget your chance to spin the wheel. I got my usual 50 points.

Top Cash Back

top cash back

Today’s Clue: Bon-ton. Seriously, did anyone know that they still existed?

Another one not to forget: Top Cash Back. Play the Christmas Treats game and you could  win something. You probably won’t, but you could.


The sign-up bonus from Dosh is back through the end of the year. Okay, the sign-up bonus is always there, it’s just a better return for the person who refers you (And I thank you for using my link. Seriously, thanks!). You can earn up to $7 just by signing up and linking a few cards.

For those of you who don’t know Dosh, it’s cash back shopping for lazy people. It’s run by the same people who do Swagbucks and they advertise bank-level encryption. Simply open an account and link a credit card or three and they’ll give you a rebate every time you shop at a participating merchant. You don’t have to do anything for the brick and mortar stores, and there are probably a bunch around you, particularly local restaurants. Shop, use your card, they’ll send you a rebate. For the online stores, it’s like any other cash back shopping site: Use their link and you’ll get money back.


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