Disney Movie Rewards: 10 Points

It’s that time again, when Disney rolls out its free points just for peeking in on its trivia.

Visit the trivia at Disney Movie Rewards and go through the questions. There’s no need to get them right, so don’t worry about the answers. Complete the less-than-one-minute quiz for five points.

Then, look at the link and change the “85” on the end to “84.” You’ll get a “hidden quiz” for another five points.

New Contest Listing: Fireball Friday

I’m not even sure who is sponsoring this contest, but “Fireball Friday” is a cool name and you can enter once per day until Halloween to have a chance to win a variety of gift cards, including AMC, Lyft or Pandora. The gift cards range in value from $5-30.

All contests can be found on the contest page.

MyPoints: Money Maker (~$4.00) And Ziploc Bags

MyPoints is one of those “paid-to” sites, whether it’s clicking on their email ads (usually five points each) or shopping through their site (less profitable, but still not bad). Often, their email ads will include purchase offers and, occasionally, the offers are so good that you can actually make money by buying something.

Ziploc Money Maker


Ziploc product prices may be different in store than online

They recently sent an offer that allows you to make money at Walmart with Ziploc bags. It’s not a big one, at only $4, but you also get bags along with it.

The offer gives you 1,700 points for buying two Ziploc products. I calculate one MyPoints point to be worth 0.625 cents, which makes this offer worth just over $10. Online, at least (The purchase must be done in-store. I’m using online prices as an example.), you can get two products for about $6. Voila, you total comes to just over $4 of profit.

It’s not something that I’d drive 30 miles for, but if you’re in a Walmart, it’s worth a look.


Disney Movie Rewards: Free Monthly Newsletter Points

Go ahead and check your email for the link from Disney Movie Rewards. The monthly newsletter should be in there, along with a link at the bottom to collect your free points.

I got five points this month.

New: Freebie Contests Page

I find myself entering a lot of these freebie instant win contests online, so I’m starting a page with the ones that I find. Feel free to add them in the comments section and I can add them to the master list.

Most of these contests offer instant wins with small prizes, as well as drawings at the end for larger prizes. Don’t expect to win much, but it’s fun to enter and only takes a minute.

Here are a few hints:

  • Establish a “throwaway” email for contest entries. If you want, you can check after a particular contest is over to see if you won a grand prize, but it’ll save your main email inbox from Spam.
  • Enter the Coca-Cola ones. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER A CAP CODE. If you scroll through the T&C and go to “How to Play,” there should be a link for a free entry. Often, you can enter more than once per day. Sadly, they have really annoying Captcha pictures.
  • It goes without saying, but free means free. Don’t ever pay to enter these drawings.
  • I’ll add contests as I find them. I hope to be better about it than I have been in the past.

Disney Movie Rewards Trivia: 10 Points

The easiest points to get from Disney Movie Rewards, other than the freebies that come in the newsletter, are the ones that you get by taking its 60-second quiz. Answer a few questions, right or wrong, and they’ll give you five points.

The problem with the trivia is that they don’t always update it bi-weekly like they promise to and, when they update it, they often skip the previous week. But don’t worry, I’ve got that mischief managed. Click on the above link and take the quiz. Then, look at the URL and change the “83” at the end to “82.” You’ll get another, hidden, quiz.


Recyclebank for August

Some free point sites offer more effort than others, but few are easier than Recyclebank.

Recyclebank is the definition of free points. It’s based on trying to get consumers to be more environmentally friendly and gives you points for clicking on links, reading articles, etc. The prizes aren’t too great, but who couldn’t use a free magazine or local discount every now and then?

Each month, Recyclebank adds new offers for more points, so if the offers aren’t up for August yet, they should be soon.

Swagbucks Money Maker: Up To $33

Swagbucks is a paid to search (and do stuff) site. The basics of the site are that you use their search engine and they will randomly award you their proprietary currency, which are call Swagbucks (but I’ll use SB to separate the points from the site). The SB are worth a penny each and can be traded in for cash, gift cards, etc.

I tend to make most of my SB on searches. I set the site as my search engine and use it whenever I need to do a search. I get a random reward every ten searches or so. It’s not a site where you will get rich, but it does add up over time.

Swagbucks also pays you to do other stuff, such as fill out surveys, watch videos or complete offers. The offers sometimes cost money but, every once in a while, an offer will earn you more in SB than you actually pay for it.


Today is such a case. The site is offering you 4,000 SB, or $40, to order razors through Gillette On Demand. What makes it interesting is that there is no indication that you have to subscribe or do any sort of recurring order. It seems like you just need to make your initial purchase, which is as low as $10, minus an additional $3 off your first order.

If you are not a Swagbucks user, I highly recommend signing up for it. The free points from searching alone are worth it. Anything else is a bonus. And yes, that’s a referral link. I believe that the sign-up offer is 300 SB. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Miles App Now Working

If you are interested in the Miles App that I mentioned a few days ago, it’s now working. Take a look.

The 2,000 points for signing up are worth $5 for a gift certificate from Target, Starbucks or a few other stores. It is instantly redeemable. Download the app, register, get $5. Do with it what you wish after that.

Most of the other prizes are “discounts” at online stores, i.e., free trials. They don’t look to be worth anything. I have a feeling that that’s the way the site is going, once they realize that they’re not going to be able to monetize their product (i.e., the user).

The Miles App: Free Points For Moving

I’m going to start out with a warning: This app launched within the past few days has proven to be so popular in its first day or two that it is not acting particularly stably. It may take you a few tries to get  in.



Yes, I’m earning points!

\Well, they’ve finally done it: Created an app that rewards you just for moving. It has the somewhat annoying name of “Miles” and rewards you based on how many miles you travel. It encourages “greener” travel, so you get a multiplier based on your mode of transportation. Walking gets you a 10X multiplier. A train is 5X.  A plane is only 0.1X. You get the picture.

The “killer app” to the app is that you don’t need to launch it while you travel. If you give it location access, it’ll run in the background. The user data is supposedly anonymous, although it may give you offers based on what it calls a “predictive marketing IT platform.” I haven’t noticed any measurable impact on my battery. The other option, of course, is that you can shut off the location tracker, but you’ll have to launch it each time you go anywhere.

Obviously, this platform is less about environmental causes and more about gathering consumer data. If you are of the mindset that an app knowing your location is not a big deal, you can sign up here (on your phone) and get 2,000 points, which is enough for a $5 gift card at a few retailers, including Starbucks and Target. I do receive 1,000 points per referral, so I appreciate your using my link.

The app has been somewhat “volatile” the past few days, as it just launched, so you may have to be patient.